Products & Services

GfK Custom Research North America offers a full spectrum of custom and syndicated research products, strategic models and consulting services developed from a 360° view of your market. To learn more about how our proven solutions can help improve your business performance, select from the list below or contact us.

Friedman Marketing Services

GfK Automotive
AFI® Advanced Automotive Features Study
AFI® Automotive Intentions and Purchases Study
AFI® Automotive Shopping Study
AFI® Barometer of Automotive Awareness and Imagery Study
AFI® Household Fleet and Ownership Study
AFI® In-Language Image Barometer Studies
AFI Purchase Funnel®

GfK Brand & Communications
MFX Tracker

GfK Consumer
GfK Concept Challenger®
GfK Product Challenger®
GfK Optimizer®
GfK Price Challenger
Unacculturated Hispanic In-Person Research Program
Hispanic Market Services

GfK Customer Loyalty
GfK LoyaltyPLUS®
GfK Mystery Shopping

GfK Qualitative & Ethnography
GfK Roper HomeView(SM)

GfK Financial Services
Banking CfX

GfK Research Dynamics

GfK Roper Consulting
GfK Roper Green Gauge Report
GfK Roper Reports®
GfK Roper Reports® Worldwide
GfK Roper Youth Report

Influentials® Segment
GfK Roper TrendKEY

GfK Roper Omnibus Services
GfK Roper OmniTel®
GfK Roper Hispanic OmniTel®
GfK Roper Teen OmniTel®
GfK Roper® OmniWeb

GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media
Roper Poll
Corporate Reputation Scorecard
Place Based Media Research

GfK Starch® Communications
GfK Starch® Ad Readership studies
GfK Starch® Editorial Tracking
GfK Starch® Cover Testing


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