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GfK ARBOR, GfK Custom Research Inc. (CRI), GfK Caribou Lake, GfK NOP, GfK Automotive and GfK Research Dynamics have now come together to form GfK Custom Research North America.

Headquartered in New York, GfK Custom Research North America is part of the GfK Group, the No. 5 market research organization worldwide. The GfK Group achieved sales of 1,112.2 million euros in financial year 2006. The Group has 115 companies covering over 90 countries. Of a total of approximately 8,760 employees (as of September 30, 2007), 80% are based outside Germany.

Organized to Meet Your Business Challenges
Delivering customized decision support to major marketers in the US, Canada and worldwide, GfK Custom Research North America is organized to provide industry and practice expertise, as well as research support tailored to your business needs.

Our sector-specific teams include:

In addition to conducting a full range of ad-hoc research, these industry experts work closely with specialists from the
following key practice areas to address a broad spectrum of client-directed research needs:

  • GfK Roper Consulting (consumer trends research)
  • GfK Brand & Communications (including GfK Starch® Communications)
  • GfK Customer Loyalty (including GfK Mystery Shopping)
  • GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media (including GfK Roper Omnibus Services, as well as custom public release and corporate reputation research)
  • GfK Qualitative & Ethnography

Together with experts from our Research Center of Excellence (Sampling & Design, Online Strategy, Marketing
Science), our experienced consultants identify and develop proven, fact-based solutions to help you address marketing
challenges and improve business performance.

The GfK Custom Research North America Advantage

GfK Custom Research North America
combines the global resources of the GfK Group with the local knowledge of North America’s leading research and consulting companies delivered by more than 700 employees in the US and Canada. Beyond our client-focused structure, industry experts and customized solutions, we deliver unmatched knowledge designed to help
your business grow.

By offering you access to several of the world’s largest databases combined with regional and global insights and consulting, GfK Custom Research North America delivers proven, state-of-the-art solutions developed from a 360° view of your market.

Our rich heritage dates back more than 80 years and draws from some of the most recognized and respected names in market research, including: Allison-Fisher... ARBOR…Bruskin…Caribou Lake…Custom Research Inc. … Friedman…NOP World...Research Dynamics…Response Analysis Corp. … Roper...and Starch.

Now united under the GfK Custom Research North America umbrella, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the GfK
promise—“Growth from Knowledge”—like no one else can.
To learn how our unmatched knowledge can lead to solutions to help your business grow, Contact Us today.


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AMA Executive Insights Conference

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Based on interviews with 100 or more readers of various publications, this first wave of reports give you the most comprehensive information on current ads you can find, including the ad’s stopping power, reader involvement with the ad, reader disposition toward your brand, the ad’s impact on sales and purchase interest. .  . and much more.
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