Starch® Ad Readership Studies

Starch® Ad Readership Studies evaluate advertising success as compared with competitors and industry norms. These studies are designed to measure readership, reader interest and reader reactions to a magazine's advertising and editorial content. Publishers can use Starch® Ad Readership Studies to inform clients as well as sell more ad pages by:

  • Providing evidence for clients and potential clients that ads in your publication are noticed and read
  • Drawing upon verbatims that demonstrate to advertisers what your readers think of ads and/or brands
  • Offering the power of the world's largest print ad database to provide a context for all study results

Available in printed form or electronic format, each readership report includes indexes comparing each ad's readership performance against the issue median and ADNORM indexes to compare the readership of an ad in a given issue against normative for the same size, color and product.


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