GfK Roper Green Gauge®

The GfK Roper Consulting Green Gauge® Report is the only nationwide, long-term syndicated study of consumer attitudes and behaviors towards the environment.

Green Gauge gives you an exclusive look at how America’s concern for environmental issues can affect your organization. This comprehensive report provides insight into consumers’ attitudes and buying behavior, allowing you to strategically plan and execute your marketing campaign.

Green Gauge covers many important areas, including:

  • Top consumer environmental concerns
  • Environmental actions consumers are taking
  • The role of individuals, government and business in protecting the environment
  • Industries consumers view as eco-winners and losers
  • Consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for earth-friendly products
  • Priorities consumers place on economic growth versus environmental responsibility
  • Impact of a company’s environmental record on consumer decisions
  • Where consumers go for environmental information

Our new and improved report contains unique elements only found in Green Gauge:

  • A nationwide sample of 2,000 adults 18+, via the cutting edge of survey research methodology—GfK’s Online Consumer Panel—that allows for high-quality,
    accurate results.
  • The INFLUENTIALS SM segment—the 10% of Americans whose word-of-mouth power drives what the other 90% think, do and buy.
  • 20 hours of custom consultation and analysis from the GfK Roper Consulting Team.
  • The opportunity to gauge your industry’s environmental favorability vs. that of the business community in general.

Green Gauge® Segmentation      
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What Unique Value Does Green Gauge Provide?

Our distinct Green Gauge segmentation profiles five consumer segments based on a combination of attitudes and behaviors that reveal:

  • The most and least environmentally focused consumers.
  • The degree to which various segments are taking action.
  • Their willingness to pay extra for Green products and services.
  • The segments that wield the most public influence.

Industries covered include:

• Automotive • Apparel • Paper/Packaging
• Food/Agriculture • Home furnishing • Technology
• Home improvement • Energy/Utilities • Household products
• Lawn/Yard care    

What Support Does GfK Roper Green Gauge Provide?

As a Green Gauge subscriber, you will receive a complete electronic database of the study results along with a crosstab program to allow for custom manipulation of the data. Plus, a member of the GfK Roper Consulting team will deliver an in-depth presentation of the key finding, customized to your needs. You also benefit from 20 hours of consultative guidance and insights on how your organization can build and maintain a stronger, more successful environmental image.

How Can I Learn More About GfK Roper Green Gauge?

To learn more about how Green Gauge can help you build a successful environmental strategy, please contact us.

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