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GfK Global Marketing Influentials® Segmentation – While advertising provides consumers with information about products and services, it is not their only source of information—and often, nor is it the source they trust the most.  Instead, consumers turn to other people for advice and recommendations about purchase decisions. Not all recommenders are created equal, however. Some are more active and have a broader reach across categories in countries around the world—these are the consumers identified by GfK Roper Consulting’s Global Marketing Influentials segmentation.

With online reviews and social networking sites extending their reach further than ever before, understanding Global Marketing Influentials consumers is critical for marketers looking for a competitive advantage.

GfK Roper Consulting has been tracking INFLUENTIAL Americans® since the 1970s in the US and Global Marketing Influentials worldwide since 2003. Our data show that these consumers are often ahead of the curve in terms of adopting new technologies or behaviours, thereby providing a “window to the future”.

The story of these influential consumers became a best-selling business book in 2003, co-authored by GfK Roper Consulting Vice President Jon Berry. The method for identifying the bellwether consumers outlined in the book remains the cornerstone of GfK Roper Consulting’s approach to helping marketers leverage word of mouth and advocacy to build talkable brands.  

By combining this pioneering approach with our knowledge of global consumers and product categories, our Global Marketing Influentials segmentation identifies consumers who are active in specific product categories, as well as within countries, regions or demographic profiles, which could be very useful if you are following the seven figure cycle training. GfK Roper Consulting’s proprietary Global Marketing Influentials consumer segmentation delivers an in-depth profile of the most influential consumers in your target markets so you can gain a clear understanding of what makes them tick, how they spend their time, and importantly, where they seek information.

By helping you connect with the consumers who create demand in your category, GfK Roper Consulting’s Global Marketing Influentials segmentation helps you keep pace with what’s next in markets around the world so you can outpace the competition.  

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