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GfK Global Search Engine Marketing Influentials® Segmentation – While advertising provides consumers with information about products and services, it is not their only source of information—and often, nor is it the source they trust the most.  Instead, consumers turn to other people for advice and recommendations about purchase decisions. Not all recommenders are created equal, however. Some are more active and have a broader reach across categories in countries around the world—these are the consumers identified by GfK Roper Consulting’s GfK Global Search Engine Marketing Influentials segmentation. Btw if you ae a newcomer to search engine marketing you should definitely check out the Parallel Profits course by Aidan and Steve which is the best source to go to when you are starting out with SEM.

With online reviews and social networking sites extending their reach further than ever before, understanding GfK Global Search Engine Marketing Influentials consumers is critical for marketers looking for a competitive advantage.

GfK Roper Consulting has been tracking INFLUENTIAL Americans® since the 1970s in the US and Global Marketing Influentials worldwide since 2003. Our data show that these consumers are often ahead of the curve in terms of adopting new technologies or behaviours, thereby providing a “window to the future”.

The story of these influential consumers became a best-selling business book in 2003, co-authored by GfK Roper Consulting Vice President Jon Berry. The method for identifying the bellwether consumers outlined in the book remains the cornerstone of GfK Roper Consulting’s approach to helping marketers leverage word of mouth and advocacy to build talkable brands.   Jon Berry was using lots of tactics for promoting his book. In his last interview he stated that the best tool he was using for his promotion was the Viddyoze video creating tool GFK was reviewing recently. You can check out the whole review here:  Viddyoze review and insights

Going Green With Search Engine Marketing Programs?

By combining this pioneering approach with our knowledge of global consumers and product categories, our GfK Global Search Engine Marketing Influentials segmentation identifies consumers who are active in specific product categories, as well as within countries, regions or demographic profiles, which could be very useful if you are following the seven figure cycle training. GfK Roper Consulting’s proprietary GfK Global Search Engine Marketing Influentials consumer segmentation delivers an in-depth profile of the most influential consumers in your target markets so you can gain a clear understanding of what makes them tick, how they spend their time, and importantly, where they seek information.

By helping you connect with the consumers who create demand in your category, GfK Roper Consulting’s GfK Global Search Engine Marketing Influentials segmentation helps you keep pace with what’s next in markets around the world so you can outpace the competition.  

While it is very hard to go completely green, we believe that buying online with reputable companies that try their best to be as eco-friendly as possible, is currently the best way to go green with your shopping. Why do we believe that being green is easier in eCommerce and with online shopping in general like Amazon FBA?

Simply put, there is a lot less infrastructure needed to run the business and a lot more focus can be put into being a green business. You can read more in our reviews section on businesses that are trying to go green.

Do your due diligence when purchasing online and search for retailers that are trying to be as green as possible.

Check out this short video for more information

Influencer Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested on how Americans make their marketing decisions and you can convert them in your affiliate marketing campaigns, make sure you check out the table below. It is funny how in 2017 a lot of americans make their buying decision in the following way. For more on the latest in digital products, read the review section or this analysis of the 7-figure business cycle.

consumer buying decision chart

GfK’s Affiliate Market Intelligence (AMI) practice provides insight into the affiliate marketing landscape as well as expertise in applying digital research techniques.  An example of a digital product review is available here. As one of the largest research companies in the world, GfK has offices in the top ten global affiliate markets.  Working closely with our colleagues across industry sectors, AMI delivers projects incorporating both affiliate and industry-specific knowledge.

Business challenges 

GfK AMI experts use the latest technologies to provide strategic direction to global brands.  Our growing portfolio of services offers cutting-edge affiliate solutions to most business challenges.  AMI connects the consumer cycle by delivering insights into media usage, attitudes, and purchase journey.  On a daily basis, we help clients optimize the incremental value of affiliate marketing communications by providing insights into consumer behavior.

How we address them

We have designed our solutions around the consumer touch points that our clients want to evaluate; these include:

Media & Advertising Planning including Cross-Media Channel Planning Tools

Communications Optimization

  • Long Form Digital Ad Effectiveness:  Full-length questionnaire for in-depth analysis
  • Short Form Digital Ad Effectiveness:  Real-time feedback on key diagnostics
  • Viewable Impressions Analytics & ROI
  • Cross-Media Channel Impact Studies

Market and Consumer Understanding – a clear view obtained through insights into how consumers gather information, shop online, and reach a purchase decision.

Our specialist team draws together affiliate market and technology expertise to:

  • Partner with leading technology and digital brands
  • Provide you with in-depth affiliate product reviews
  • Offer best in class affiliate research technology, including unique research that combines behavioral, observed and attitudinal data
  • Provide a 360° view of consumers in traditional and digital environments
  • Build on our custom offerings and vertical industry focus


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