Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy

To successfully manage your customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy—not to mention your bottom line—you need an accurate understanding of your customers’ experiences with your company and brands. For in-depth, actionable insights, companies that are industry leaders have chosen us as the leading voice of the customer experience.

The reasons are compelling.

At GfK Customer Loyalty, we have proven, results-oriented methods for measuring and managing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Proven metrics: GfK Loyalty Plus SM provides a multidimensional measurement of the intensity of customer relationships that is a leading indicator of business outcomes. GfK makes satisfaction, promoter and loyalty metrics more actionable with proprietary analytics.
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The most accurate prioritization: GfK Loyalty uses a fact-based consultancy approach, providing prioritized, deployment-ready insights on how to improve your customers’ experience. If your satisfaction, promoter or loyalty scores are not improving, GfK KDA+ SM (Key Driver Analysis Plus) will accurately indicate the strongest drivers of customer loyalty. We provide two priority lists: a short list of powerful enhancers that differentiate your business and create loyalty; and a short list of dissatisfiers to help prevent attrition. 
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Guest Experience Management SM (GEM):  GEM is GfK's approach to transaction tracking, a key component of Customer Experience Management. Our philosophy is that every customer and prospect needs to be treated like a guest. Our solution includes an interactive portal that provides scorecards, hot alerts and action planning tools, and serves as your company’s forum for insights and interaction.
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Training and Action Planning:  GfK Training ranges from full-scale in-person deployments at company-wide meetings to web-based online training and action planning. Our proven and effective approach achieves change throughout your organization. 
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VOX SM - Voice of the Customer:  Are your surveys measuring the most important aspects of the customer experience? Can stakeholders easily understand the specific actions that are needed to respond to survey feedback? VOX can help.
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Quality/Malcolm Baldrige:  Our team made the significant achievement of becoming the only market research firm to be awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. GfK Customer Loyalty is a critically acclaimed business partner dedicated to delivering quality data and following the highest standards in customer service. 
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Client teams and service:  For every company we serve, our goal is to be the extension of your team—a true partner—giving you actionable insights while helping you manage the time pressures and demands you are faced with each day.
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Fact-Based Consulting - Program Design:  GfK works with key stakeholders before program launch to ensure that performance management, incentives, internal communications and program structure are aligned to create organizational change. 
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GfK Loyalty Benchmark Plus: Often, the best benchmark is your own past performance.  For organizations that want to compare with the evolving marketplace, GfK offers benchmarks that reflect the competitive set in the whole market (and not just our client base). 
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Mystery Shopping:  When you need to objectively measure hard facts about the customer's experience (cleanliness, wait time, compliance with procedures), integrating Mystery Shopping into your scorecard can be invaluable.
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Employee Engagement:  GfK helps your employees stay engaged in their work and stay customer-focused, so they become a key driver of customer loyalty.
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Key Client Relationship Management (KCRM):  In a business-to-business context, when you have a small number of vitally important clients who require special attention, our unique methodology tracks what is most important to them and tells you how to build a stronger channel-partner relationship. 
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For more information on how we can help you manage your customer experience in a way that takes the time-intensive process off your plate and puts it on ours, contact us.

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Experts In Your Industry

GfK is the only company where your account team will include a Customer Loyalty practice leader and a Key Account Manager from your industry, including:

GfK serves clients in many other industries as well.  For more information, contact us.

Profiting from Customer Churn

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