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From climate change to conservation – and a myriad of issues in between – green is an increasingly global issue. However, most of the tools designed to help affiliate marketers, Amazon FBA and eCommerce business owners are not.

That is, until now.

Introducing GfK Roper Green Gauge® Global — the only study providing global affiliate marketers, Amazon and eCommerce owners an in-depth look into green consumer trends, attitudes and behaviours in 25 countries.

Connect with the Global Green Segments that Matter Most

Since 1992, GfK and has helped green affiliate marketers, Amazon and eCommerce owners to track the evolution of the environmental movement in America through its US service. And, since 1997, we’ve been helping global ecommerce brands keep pace with consumers around the world through GfK Worldwide. Our new  Global study combines this unmatched expertise to offer Amazon and eCommerce owners  and affiliate managers looking to develop greener global brands detailed and actionable insight into:

  • The top environmental concerns facing consumers around the world and the steps they are taking to address them
  • Perceived and actual barriers to green behaviour
  • How the level of knowledge about environmental issues differs from country to country
  • The role individuals, business and government should play in protecting the environment, according to consumers around the world
  • Product Launch Formula – How to launch a digital product with Jeff Walker
  • Affiliate Marketing Training – John Crestani affiliate system 2.0

Gfk America business research  Green Gauge Global also includes a one-of-a-kind global green consumer segmentation so you’ll know which global market segments matter most when building your eco-friendly brand.

Be Among the First To Know

GfK Roper Green Gauge Global will be available to affiliate marketers, Amazon and eCommerce owners later this summer. To make sure you’re among the first to know what green really means to global consumer markets, please visit our review website here.

The GFKamerica Search Engine Marketing Research and Overview

If you are a business owner who strives for an online presence, and you don’t know if you even need SEM, we have got you covered. Even though SEM is not for everyone it is still a great method to improve your rankings.

Search engine marketing is more demanding than the regular SEO. We already know that SEO is crucial to any online business, but what abou SEM?

First we have to know the difference between Search Engine Marketing and SEO. A lot of people mix the term. SEO falls under the Search Engine Marketing which describes all methods of marketing the websites with the help of search engines. So, SEM includes various other techniques that vary from the usual SEO.

How can SEM improve your business

If you think optimizing your site can increase your sales, using SEM brings even better results. The SEO effects can vary and make your site move up and down the rankings, however using SEM firmly establishes you online as you are actively marketing your website.

Where you end up among google pages is very important to any busniess. If you are on the ninth pag – good luck with your sales. Being on the first page however is a completely different story. In order to achieve that you have to employ  the SEM.

And this part of the business is often ignored simply because people confuse it with SEO.

Making SEM a Part of your Marketing

Employing SEM is not as hard as it sounds, however, it is recommendable to hire a proffesional on the topic, at least when you are starting out. Those methods do carry some risk and are not as simple as most aspects of digital marketing.

Pay per click ads. This is a good method to keep your business on the front page. Another benefit of pay per click ads is that you can show them on the websites, ranking for your keywords. Beware though as you can lose a lot of money using this method, so it is recommendable to hire an expert who knows all the ins and outs of the business.

Reputation managment. This is a part of SEM that you can do yourself. You have to set up the Google Alerts, so every time your business is mentioned somewhere you can swiftly respond to any complaints and keep your online reputation clean.

Paid inclusion. This means paying to be included in specific search engines or directories. This method can also cost quite some money, so be sure if it is something that pays off in the long run.

Link managment. There are some links that you can get organically. However, it is a good idea to ask various bloggers and website owners for links so you will get more backlinks in the end.

SEM does cost more than SEO, however, if you employ both of the methods you will get the best results on the long run considerably increasing your ranking and online traffic.  

Search Engine Marketing Courses Overview

GFKamerica does it’s best to follow the latest trends in every category they cover. When it comes to search engine marketing the two guys who are a go-to source are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. These two guys have just recently enrolled a new online training course called Parallel Profits. This course reveals their strategy about how they have managed to grow their local SEM business to 1MM/year in the last 8 years working on that project. Parallel Profits reveals exactly the same strategy they have used to build their business from scratch. Aidan and Steve promise that anyone can learn and use their system to build the exact same business model.

The GFKamerica review team was one of the first to get invited to test this course as beta testers. The team has already published some insights and the first impressions and will follow up with the whole review and beta testings results in the following weeks. You can get more information and follow all of the updates here.

Stay tuned for new updates, insights and testing results about Parallel Profits.


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