INFLUENTIALS Market Analysis 2.0

A more precise way to target the best word-of-mouth advocates for categories, causes, and brands.

THE INFLUENTIAL AMERICANS® was the first systematic approach to identifying leading disseminators of information in the consumer and public opinion marketplace—the one in ten people who tell the other nine how to vote, where to eat, and what to buy.

The INFLUENTIALSSM approach has proven itself time and again as an effective method for defining and executing word-of-mouth strategies, from the introduction of Ford’s hybrid SUV to Ohio’s get-out-the-vote effort in the 2006 US presidential elections.

The Next Wave of INFLUENTIALS Marketing Analysis

Our experience has shown that not all INFLUENTIALS segments are equal. Some influence the national conversation about broad social themes, while others wield influence only on specific categories.

We’ve refined our INFLUENTIALS analytics to reflect two entry ways into the word-of-mouth forum: Social and Category INFLUENTIALS groups. The result is an even more precise tool for defining and leveraging the most influential consumers in your category.

The Category INFLUENTIALS Segment—Ultimate Drivers of Word-of-Mouth

Deeply familiar with their category, frequent recommenders across broad social networks, and highly trusted, Category INFLUENTIALS consumers are word-of-mouth leaders for products and services:

  • They talk
  • They are reachable
  • But they are fragmented. The Category INFLUENTIALS group comprises 10% to 20% of the US population. But its makeup can differ significantly from category to category—some categories overlap, and some do not.. Category INFLUENTIALS segments are more likely than others to pay attention to marketing, especially when making purchase decisions.

Word-of-mouth plays a huge role in consumer decisions. Knowing your Category INFLUENTIALS audience and what they think can give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Categorically Different: Selected Category INFLUENTIALS Facts

  • Travel 

    INFLUENTIALSSM in the US are far more likely than the general public to rely on magazines, online/internet, and editorial for destination ideas.

  • Cell
    Phone and Technology INFLUENTIAL segments differ greatly in how they view "the good life.”

  • Affluent
    Women from the Northeast and Midwest dominate the Wellness INFLUENTIALS segment.

The Category INFLUENTIALS Audience—The Ultimate Target

Targeting Category INFLUENTIALS segments can cut a straighter, more direct path to achieving marketing objectives. Consider them:

  • As information hubs in word-of-mouth marketing and advertising designed to create "buzz”

  • As shapers of product or message development and champions during product launches. Category INFLUENTIALSSM consumers are Early Majority—open to new products and services and, unlike Innovators/ Early Adopters, effective communicators about what they like.

  • As allies in damage control. Listen to Category INFLUENTIALS customers to unearth potential problems before they are broadcast to other consumers.

  • In direct-response campaigns designed for pass-along, and for event-based and grass-roots marketing initiatives, where success hinges on recruitment.

Defining Category INFLUENTIALS Segments

Our methodology ensures that we’re reaching truly influential consumers. More than half of all product recommenders are excluded after our analysis. And the frequency, breadth, and depth of our research provide added certainty that we’re connecting with the freshest set of Influential consumers in their categories. To date, we’ve defined Category INFLUENTIALS consumers in over a dozen categories and are adding more. And we are expanding our analysis to lifestyles, lifestages, and consumers outside the US.

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