GfK Loyalty’s KDA+

GfK Loyalty’s KDA+SM (Key Driver Analysis Plus) identifies key drivers of business performance, which are defined as those product and service experiences that have the greatest impact on overall satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

By identifying and measuring these characteristics, you focus your organization on the actions that make customers: 

  • More loyal, with customer loyalty scores that improve instead of flatlining.
  • Stay with you longer and give you a greater share of wallet.
  • More profitable to serve, due to lower expenses and fewer discounts.
  • Advocates, providing positive “word-of-mouth”.

GfK’s highly advanced KDA+ analysis goes far beyond typical approaches. We provide you with a unique and powerful prioritization that is highly robust against statistical problems that can cause unstable and inaccurate prioritizations.

  • Uses advanced game theory analysis (Shapley Value) to account for attribute collinearity.
  • Avoids the incorrect prioritization of regression analysis, which can create false alarms for your organization and send you in the wrong strategic direction.
  • If your customer loyalty scores are not improving even though you are improving key drivers, the solution could be a better driver analysis like GfK KDA+.

Dissatisfiers and Enhancers

KDA+ identifies both specifics that cause customer dissatisfaction and those that drive customer delight. Using a process based on Kano Theory:

  • We separate Key Dissatisfiers from Key Enhancers.
  • Key Driver Analysis Plus teaches your company what it needs to improve – from poor to acceptable.
  • KDA+ tells you where further investments will face diminishing returns, and where to invest for a real competitive advantage.
  • Learn which aspects of your products and services need to truly exceed your customers’ expectations to differentiate yourself in the marketplace

GfK Loyalty’s KDA+ is far superior to traditional regression, which ignores that different things drive satisfaction & dissatisfaction and is unstable due to high collinearity.

To learn more ways that KDAcan be used to target your efforts where it matters the most, contact us.

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