Parallel Profits Review, Bonus and Insights

Parallel Profits Review and Insights

What Is Parallel Profits?





In a nutshell, Parallel Profits is an all in one tool suite based on an business model developed and run by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton which will enable students to start their own local SEM agency from scratch. This unique business models is probably one of the fastest ways for beginners to generate a full time living working remotely, as they only need  7 “sales” to create a $100,000 per year income rate

How Does It Work?

This business model has HUGE demand, LOW competition, and is something that Aidan and Steve (along with many of their friends and students) have had ​consistent success​ with for many years. You will be able to get more information about how this system works in our Parallel Profits review below.

Essentially, what we’re talking about here is ​providing really simple online services to small, local businesses​ using three special features which makes this concept so unique and successful:

  1. You will have the opportunity to become part of a franchise: Franchising is like having a business blueprint that has been PROVEN to make money. The idea is that the “franchisor” (the original business) has gone through the process of gaining expertise in a certain area and has built up a successful business. People who will join and follow the course will be invited to work together with Aidan and Steve as part of their franchise. This makes it much easier to get started as beginners won’t need to worry about creating a brand, domain name or website . Everything will already be set up and ready to go so they start reaching out and making sales right away. That being said, people will also have the chance to go on their own..
  2. You DON’T need any internet marketing knowledge: Once people onboard a new client they won’t need to perform any of the services that they will be offering to them. Aidan and Steve made sure that there is an experienced and fully educated  in-house team to do all the work for them, eliminating the need for outsourcing or expertise.
  3. You DON’T have to meet with anyone or call anyone up​: The course also includes a highly effective client capture system which makes it possible to on board new client without any face to face interaction with customers, or any selling at all.

But is there actually demand for this?

  • How many local businesses who already have a web presence do you think could benefit from additional traffic coming to their website and social media pages? The answer is ​ALL OF THEM​ – Every business, no matter how large or small, needs more traffic – and 99% of them have NO IDEA how to get it.
  • In the United States, according to CNBC, an estimated 45% of small businesses don’t have a website. In the UK, more than 2 million small businesses don’t have a website either… or any online presence at all. Essentially what this means is that millions of businesses know they need to have an online presence, but have no idea how to go about it and don’t know who to turn to. Can you see why the ​demand is colossal and why the potential of this business model is so vast​?

Lets do the math..

You’ve got a handful of customers (let’s say 7) who pay you each month to take care of a few simple tasks for them, such as:  updating local listings on Google, creating simple content for social media, website development, website hosting..

From ​our own business​ we KNOW that on average  7 customers will ​collectively​ pay you approximately $12,000 per month in total – equating to $144,000 each year.

From that ​you will take home about $100,000 in net profit. ​(A 70% profit margin). Then you once you have your first 7, then it will be relatively ​easy to scale up and increase the amount of customers you have.

It would work out something like this…

15 customers = Potentially $308,000/year (You take home: ​$215,000​)

25 customers = Potentially $515,000/year (You take home: ​$360,000​)

50 customers = Potentially $1,030,000 /year (You take home: ​$720,000​)

What You Will Find Inside?

In a nutshell, Steve and Aidan have been involved in local SEM consulting for about a decade and they have a business in Cape Coral (Florida) that does about $300k/yr in sales, with about 80% profit margin (so it makes about $240k/yr in profit, about the same as what a well optimized $1MM/yr Amazon private label business would give someone).

Building a local SEM business might not sound like the sexiest thing out there at first, but I think what will REALLY excite you is the way they’re approaching it. Parallel Profits is not just an all in one tool suite delivering all of the trainings and tools you need to have success in one place, but it also offers you to become part of their franchise to get started right away.

They actually launched a program called ‘SEM Business Blueprint’ about 9 years ago which was based on this exact model, and it sold INCREDIBLY well (it had the best conversion rate to our list of anything we’d ever done).

Getting to $100k/yr profit from this kind of business only requires a handful of clients, and it can be done without ever seeing/meeting anyone face to face, so I am excited about what we and you will be able to achieve here.

Parallel Profits Review and Final Verdict

As one of the selected beta testers of Parallel Profits we were really excited to give this model a try. We really didn’t know what to expect. We have played down the positives and negatives in our Parallel Profits review below:

  • What we really liked about this program is that you really don’t need any money upfront – As long as you’ve got an internet connection and a computer, that’s all you need. You never need to worry about cash-flow or being out of pocket either – this is because you require such a small number of customers to make a healthy monthly profit, and as they pay you ​in advance​ for work, you can literally be earning thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time.
  • What has also found great about it are the extremely high profit margins upwards of 70%, meaning that if you earn $145,000 in revenue, then $100,000 will actually end up in your bank account.
  • Last but not least, this business has HUGE demand and VERY little supply, meaning acquiring customers is something that’s stacked well and truly in your favour. Talking about customers – you have a very small group of customers what is also a big plus. As you probably know fewer customers means fewer customer interactions which minimizes the potential for problems and headaches.

What we could possibly lay out as a downside of Parallel Profits is the starting price of $2497, but Aidan and Steve have assured their program is running on a “no questions asked” 60 day Money Back Guarantee what makes this investment a no risk taker. The money back guarantee means that if you decide not to continue or simply change your mind for whatever reason, you simply just need to shoot them an email and they’ll speedily refund every penny of your small investment with no reason needed and absolutely no hassle.

Reasons to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency


Did you ever think about becoming an entrepreneur?

Anyone working in a marketing agency most likely had those thoughts at some stage of their career.

If you think you could do things better running your own agency, you could actually be right! That’s exactly what I was thinking when I was fresh out of college.

That’s why I set out to start my own marketing agency at the beginning of 2013. I had no idea I would soon shift all my focus into SEM in a couple of years.

When I saw the potential of search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM), I used it on my target market: e-commerce.

Since then I never looked back. I had a lot of success, I quickly achieved most of my lifelong goals of becoming financially independent and being my own boss.

There are also many other success stories of people who built their business in the digital marketing landscape, starting from scratch.

It does take a lot of courage and determination, this goes for starting any business. However, if you want to go and try with your own local SEM agency, I will be more than happy to help you out with this comprehensive guide.

As with anything, there are benefits as well as drawbacks when starting your own SEM business. So, first, let’s start with of the good things.

Pros of Having Your Own Local SEM Business

  1. Making More Money

One of my earlier mentors summarized it pretty good: »If you want to make real money these days, you should be an entrepreneur.«

This couldn’t be closer to the truth. If you are not a CEO of some major company, it is very hard to earn the same money as some of the entrepreneurs out there.

However, keep in mind there is a lot of entrepreneurs who didn’t earn anything from their endeavours so there – being an entrepreneur is not risk-free.

  1. You Know SEM Better Than Your Superiors

If you think about it, you are also the product of the company you are working for. You can provide a lot of value to many customers even outside of your work environment if you decide to do so.

And this is the way almost any agency starts out – by someone, daring to go and apply their knowledge on their own. After this person gets success, he will hire his own employees who will one day learn enough to also go on to be independent. This is the usual development of the agencies.

  1. You Want Something New

In my college days, when I was working for a company, I realized that our chief of staff was usually never around. I was later told, that it was because he was watching a series in his office for a good part of the day.

There is nothing wrong with TV series, however, I would always pick a challenge and being productive over sitting and watching TV every day.

Having your own agency is a challenge and could be very fruitful for more competitive characters out there.

If you are bored with your job and want a new challenge, starting your own business is a great way to do new things for various clients in many different situations.

  1. You Have Enough Of Your Current Work Environment

After I quit my college job, I started working for an agency, where its owner would assign interns to make him coffee. He would often yell at them if the coffee was not to make in »the right way«.

This is not a working environment you want to be a part of. We often think we could build a better working environment if we would be running the things. And that’s exactly what you can do when you start your own business.

Even working on your own is more rewarding than being a part of a bad working environment.

  1. Be Your Own Boss

You shouldn’t get the wrong idea. Even though you don’t have to work for your boss anymore, you will end up having more bosses – your clients.

However, you can still do whatever you like, as long as you are able to pay your bills.

  1. Enjoy Creating Your Own Environment

Once your business starts to pick up, you will see how fun it is to create your own work environment and put together a team. Together you will go through a lot and in the end, everyone will enjoy the rewards of your teamwork.

Like with most businesses the hardest part is the beginning. After you hit the ground running, it usually becomes much easier.


Drawbacks of Having Your Own SEM Business

There are also some drawbacks to starting out on your own. You will have to be dedicated and prepared to do a lot of hard work.

  1. There Is No Vacations or Sick Days in The Beginning 

In the early days of my SEO agency, I got really sick one day. The sickness stuck with me for a whole month as I simply couldn’t take time off to fully recover. There was simply too much on the line.

It wasn’t easy doing sales and meeting customers, but that’s what I had to do. When you are starting your business, you can forget about sick days or vacation, at least in the beginning.

I met a lot of entrepreneurs who were in doing their full-time job, and they were still putting  4-5 hours of work in the early hours of the day before they would even start doing their job.

  1. Tough Competition

You probably received an email from a company, claiming they can get you on the first site of the google search. It doesn’t even matter if that’s true. What is more important is the fact that there is a lot of agencies fighting for their spot in the advertising business.

Any major customer acquisition channel will have a lot of tough competitors trying to establish themselves.

You will have to be going around, making sales calls, explaining why your agency is the right one for the client. In some cases, this means doing more than six pitches to the same customer.

  1. Intense Workload

Working for as an employee, you usually have one job. Your other co-workers would have their own tasks.

When doing your own business you have to do all of those roles. This means a turbulent work schedule and in the beginning, you will have to work every day of the week for many long hours. There are no shortcuts when starting your own business, so you have to get used to the workload

  1. You Will Be a Salesman

During college and in my early career, I never considered myself a salesperson.

However, after starting my own agency, I have realized I am a full-fledged professional salesman.

If you want to start your own agency that is exactly what you will have to do. Sell. And you don’t have to be sleazy while you do it. I like selling for my own agency because we deliver exceptional results for our customers and I believe in the quality of our service.

  1. Nobody Will Give You a Manual

When I was beginning my journey of having an SEM agency, I asked for advice from one of my friends, who owned an IT company. His response? »I have no Idea. Google it.«

And that’s exactly what I did. I went online and tried to figure it out. I had no chance to use a course like Aidan and Steve’s Parallel Profits because at that time there weren’t any.

There actually wasn’t too much information available, on my specific subject. What I ended up doing is reading some good books and combined the information from many different places, to make the plan.

Nowadays, there is much more information available, however, by the time it is published it is most likely outdated.

Running an agency is all about innovation anyways, so even though you can learn a lot online and from books, you still won’t have a manual for your specific situation.

  1. Stress

The beginning of your journey can be very stressful. It can be hard on you, your family and even your friendships. Having a hobby that helps you relieve stress is highly recommended. Going to fitness after a hard days work will do a lot of good for your well-being.

Stress has a lot of negative effects and if you think your current job is stressful, wait until you start doing twice the workload with inconsistent income. Now, that is something else.

When life gets tough, just remember – the best things never come easy.

  1. Unpredictable Income 

In the beginning, it is hard for a company to get consistent income through contracts. You are just not established enough.

If you manage to get some contracts early on, that’s great! However, most people will not, meaning their income will be highly unpredictable. That can generate a lot of stress and uncertainty.

When starting a company you should also have enough backup money to last you for at least a couple of months.

  1. Risk

Going on your own is a big risk as opposed to having a regular job. You should consider if the risk is worth it for you.The good news is that the digital marketing agencies can be profitable form the get-go, and even the smaller companies generate quite some revenue.

In that sense starting a digital agency is a lot less risky than building a traditional business.

Starting Your Own  SEM Agency – Step by Step

The first thing you have to do is research. Look for as much information on the topic as possible, so you will know what you are dealing with.

There are many guides books and online articles on how to start a business. Yet there is no step-by-step manual, so you will have to carve your own way by yourself. You could as well join Aidan and Steve’s Parallel Profit and have all of the information needed at one place.

A word of advice: In the beginning start off by giving away free services. After you get some results, get a testimonial or a recommendation from your customer. Doing so will help you get some leverage and help you get to more customers.

If you will try to find paying customers, in the beginning, it could be very difficult, and in most cases, it could mean you will not be able to start your business successfully.

Taking the Leap

When you consider all the benefits and drawbacks of having a digital marketing agency, you can then make an insightful decision whether you want to do it or not. You can either start small or go for it full-time.

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to have at least three months of cash flow saved up before starting, before taking the leap.

Bonus Lessons

  1. Don’t Chase the Next Big Thing

That’s a mistake a lot of people make. Instead of jumping from one attractive opportunity to another, rather focus on the core part of your business and let everything else fade away.

  1. Focus on Other Things

Do other things in life and don’t let the business suck up all of your personal life. At the beginning that will happen most likely as you are excited while being under a lot of pressure.

  1. Enjoy the Journey

Have fun, when establishing your business, don’t be too worried about results and the future.

Doing business is like a marathon so just pace yourself.

  1. Don’t Wait

Don’t wait for anything to start your own agency. Even if you think you will be better prepared in the future, the truth is, you will never be fully prepared for what’s ahead.

The best time to start is always right now.

  1. Quality over Everything

Be passionate about your service, product, whatever you provide to your customer. Doing so will make it easy to sell whatever you have to as you have full belief in the quality of your service. The good results you will bring to clients will also make you proud and full of joy.

Alway continue developing your product and your service.


All in all, it is not an easy journey but that still doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and fulfilling. I hope the guide helps you out a bit on your way to having the best digital marketing agency there is. There are no right and wrong answers when figuring out the kind of business you will begin with, and there is nothing wrong with not doing it at all. All you need to do is make a decision that is the best for you personally. For more information check out official Parallel Profits website.

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