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If you haven’t been living underneath a rock then most likely you have heard that the days of using cotton swabs are long gone. In the past, cotton swabs were used for building ear wax up further down into the canal and cause more damage than they did good for the health of your ear. However, what alternatives are available instead of using cotton swabs?

In this guide, we will be discussing the top alternative tools that can you remove ear wax safely using various strategies. Be sure to read through our entire 2019 review on ear wax removal tools prior to investing any money on any items.

1. Wax Rx (High-Quality Ear Wax Removal Kit and Ear Washing Squeeze Bulb Syringe Ear Care)

This product is the one that most resembles going to visit your local doctor’s office to have an earwax cleaning done that we have available in the marketplace.

The kit includes the following:

  • A compact bottle that comes equipped with a nozzle that is used for irrigating the ear canal that practically and quickly removes the build-up of earwax. It is the safest cleaning method, which ensures that you do not push wax back inside your ear further.Using a special powdered rinsing solutions helps the cleaning to go smoothly.
  • A half ounce bottle worth of earwax removal drops softens the wax prior to the actual washing process. These drops contain chamomile and aloe vera essences that moisturize the skin inside of your ear and help to prevent irritated and dry skin.It also comes with three packages of rinse powder and three disposable tips that are attached onto the bottle nozzle.After using the tips that come included in its original package, you can purchase additional tips separately at your convenience. Also, the tips have a protective guard that prevents you from reaching inside of your ear too deep and potentially cause damage.
  • An additional bonus that most kits do not include is an ear basin, which offers a practical container for draining the ear wash so that you can complete the cleaning process free of mess.

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2. Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System (5 Replacement Tips Bulb Syringe and Ear Cleaning Tool)

This ear washing system has been designed to inexpensively, quickly, and simply clean the build-up of earwax in a way that is more natural. It is easy to use and within a few minutes can take care of the problem. The kit also provides you with three different disposable tips that attach onto the nozzle, and then you just insert the tube into your ear canal and the earwax is moisturized by the water stream and creates sufficient water pressure for dislodging build-up.

This bottle contains a sufficient amount of liquid so that you can clean both of your ears at once without needing to refill it. This tube comes with a protective stopper. That way you don’t need to worry about inserting the tube inside of your ear too deep and contact your sensitive eardrum, which can potentially cause damage. Extra disposable tips are also available to buy separately after you have discarded the tips that came with your original kit. That way if the problem reoccurs you will be ready to handle it.

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