is an online publication, geared towards providing people with information on the latest products, services and education in the online advertising niches: affiliate marketing, eCommerce, Amazon FBA and search engine marketing (SEM). is the fourth largest business, investment and marketing market research company in the world. has its headquarters in New York, and is able to draw upon the full resources of the company and it is not connected to GFK in any kind.

With over 200 employees in the US and Canada, providing local business knowledge and expertise combined with their global reach and investment experience, the company is the ideal choice for full-service fact-based consultancy and research in the areas of affiliate marketing, eCommerce, Amazon FBA and search engine marketing (SEM).

As well as the primary sources of expertise we also have specific practice areas and research centers of excellence like Marketing, eCommerce etc. where we provide market-leading knowledge, business advice and insights which can help take any business to the next level. provides their customers with access to some of the world’s largest product and business review databases, paired with a broad range of ad-hoc research services. This combination ensures that every reader receives proven state of the art solutions, and an all encompassing in-depth view of the market and business.

It is designed to inform and entertain our readers. We always try to provide our readers with the best information that is available to us. We strive for perfection.

Our articles provide value, insights and enrich users with information.

We provide our readers with accurate and reliable infomation on every product we review and ultimately post on our website. However, we must disclose that we have a material connection with the providers of the services, products or any other goods we review. We receive a payment for every qualified sale or customer referral. This enables us to keep the website in good standing, compensate our writters and pay for hosting, designers etc.. We are also providing you with advertising on behalf of a third party, which gets financially compensated for qualified leads/sales resulting from a link click. Any information regarding a product or service provided by a third party advertiser and the correctnes of it is unknown to us and we don’t do our due dilligence to confirm such third party representations and claims.

Each and every article we publish is fully adapted to our readers and offers a lot of variety, information and facts while striving to offer insight, authenticity and advice. The content found on our website motivates and provides inspiration for our readers to live a more balanced life. We belive that our readers know that they can expect when reading one of our articles.

For many people, buying educational products is more than an occasinal event. For these people, a comprehensive analysis is the sole foundation of an buying decision. And we get that. We help these people better understand and review the products, services or educational trainings to make better informed buying decisions.

Behind each article there is a writer or editor – who is driven by passion and perfection. These are the people that want to dig up as much about the product from various sources they are reviewing.

Hundreds of readers have already adopted as a solid basis for the important decisions they make. They depend on our ability to provide them with value-added experience.

GfK Custom Research Worldwide

Global expertise – Local knowledge

As part of the GfK Custom Research Global Network, GfK Custom Research North America has experience around the world, carrying out marketing, eCommerce and business research projects in over 70 countries.

With access to GfK’s global resource network, which includes GfK Audits and Surveys, Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI), our U.K. partners (GfK NOP UK and GfK NOP Media), and the GfK US Healthcare Companies, we combine internationally comparable tools and standards of quality with a wealth of local market knowledge — all delivered through single point of contact.

Whether your research needs are limited to a single country or involve multiple national markets, GfK Custom Research North America stands poised to serve as your primary research provider offering a unified process to meet your global research needs.




GfK Network

The GfK Group

The GfK Group offers the fundamental knowledge that industry, retailers, services companies and the media need to make market decisions. It delivers a comprehensive range of information and consultancy services in the three business sectors Custom Research, Retail and Technology and Media. The no. 4 market research organization worldwide operates in more than 100 countries and employs over 10,000 staff. In 2008, the GfK Group’s sales amounted to EUR 1.2 billion.

GfK Custom Research of Affiliate Marketing Worldwide

GfK Custom Research Worldwide is one of the world’s largest, fast growing fact-based consulting firms with deep roots in research and marketing science. Custom Research North America is a branch of Custom Research Worldwide. For more information, visit:

GfK eCommerce Research

GfK eCommerce research is a leading eCommerce market research organisation, providing cutting edge quantitative and qualitative surveys and fact-based consultancy. Our eCommerce research specialists are experts in both UK and international research. For more information, visit:

GfK Audits and Amazon FBA

GfK Audits & Amazon FBA is a wide range of custom and syndicated programs offering sales measurements, distribution, inventory, in-store activity and promotions, pricing, customer experience, shopper behavior, and a vast array of customized ad-hoc retail studies about Amazon FBA. For more information, visit one of our review websites:

Search Engine Marketing Research (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the leading provider of media and consumer research in the country and the primary source of audience data for the American search engine marketing industry. Data from the SEM Survey of the American Consumer, conducted continuously since 1979, are used in the majority of media and marketing plans written in the United States. And because we measure the audiences of all major media and marketing agencies, our multi-dimensional database is the largest and most reliable source available for integrated media planning. For more information, visit one of our recent reviews here: or check out our category page here:


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Our Corporate Values


Our clients’ needs drive our business. We continuously seek to better understand our clients’ needs, improve all aspects of existing research products, offer innovative products and to be an integral part of our clients’ information systems. Accuracy, sound methodology, excellent client service, flexibility, timely delivery and cost effectiveness all ensure that we meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations. We build long-term partnerships with our clients, contributing to their success.

Our People

People are our main asset. Development through training, sharing ideas and sound experience is essential to our business. Our people have the freedom to explore and develop their talents and are empowered to achieve our common goals. We encourage and reward initiative, dedication and hard work. Fairness, good communication and working relationships at all levels and locations are key to our success.


We recognize that investing in continuous innovation in both the process and the end product is a prerequisite to meeting clients’ requirements. Our aim is to be at the cutting edge with our key business activities. Clients’ needs, evolving markets, new technology and the expertise and ideas of our people throughout the world are what drive innovation.

Global Expertise – Local Knowledge

We respect and learn from local business practices and cultures and provide knowledge tailored to local needs. Our global network comprises international teams, tools and products to provide multinational clients with consistent services. As proud members of the GfK Group, we share local and international expertise to continually improve all aspects of our business.


Profitable growth results in greater opportunities. As individuals, teams and business units, we are aware of the impact of our decisions and actions at all levels. We use financial and non-financial measurements to review and improve performance on an ongoing basis. Our growth provides investors with a fair return on the financial resources they have entrusted to us.

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