Crucial SEM Tools and Training Courses To Use in 2019

Crucial Search Engine Marketing Tools and Online Courses to Use in 2019


Are you sure you are using all of the available tools that enhance your SEM? There is a whole range of free, freemium and paid services. Knowing the best services available could be extremely valuable if you wish to optimize your search engine marketing.

To compete in today’s SEM landscape you have to make sure you are one step ahead of your competitors. Making good use out of all the available SEM tools can give you the edge you need to succeed in today’s economy. That’s why in this article, we are looking at the best services for search engine marketing and content marketing.

The following insight is not relevant just for SEM specialists, if you are a digital marketing agent, international business, owner of an SME or a blog writer, you should be aware of the search engine marketing tools on offer.  

Categories of Search Engine Marketing Tools

With a vast selection of SEO tools, it could be overwhelming to know all the relevant ones. Categorizing them makes it easier to understand which tools you might need while recognizing the optimized aspects of your SEO.

These are the six basic types of tools for managing SEO:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Rankings
  • Technical SEO
  • Content
  • Link Building
  • Link Removal

We will break down each of the categories and present our favorites in each category.

Keyword Analysis Tools

One of the most recognized SEO experts, Brian Dean stated already: “Without Keywords there is no such thing as SEO”.

Keywords are basically guiding your users to your site. If you know how to use them correctly, you will attract many customers whose problem you solve.

Over the course of the last 5 years, an effective Keyword Analysis and Research is becoming more challenging due to Google AdWords Keyword Planner’s hidden data. However, using the Planner is still one of the most important methods of driving traffic to your site, and presenting all of the important content you created.

Every tool in this category will only provide you with data, related to your keywords. How you interpret it and what you do with it is the difference between failure and success.

There are a lot of guides that talk about Keyword Research. One of our favorite guides is the aforementioned, Brian Dean’s Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide.

Free: Ubersuggest

This is a free keyword suggestion tool that is applying various suggest services to make an extensive list of keywords for you.

Freemium: Term Explorer

They claim to be the biggest data set amongst Keyword Research tools. It enables you to broaden keyword lists, sort your search volumes and understand your results and compare it to your competition.

Paid: SEMrush

Even though SEMrush is a Freemium tool, it’s paid version of it, enables way more insights and relevant data. It lets you see the keywords your competitors are ranking for, including the landing page of every keyword. It also assesses the value of the keyword, making it very useful when running a PPC campaign.

Paid: Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

If you are playing around with trending keywords, this tool is a must-have. It has an enormous international database of more than 5,5 billion keywords with all the relevant metrics. Search Volume is gathered from users’ clickstream data and estimates od Keyword Difficulty is calculated based on referring domains. This is what Google’s ranking algorithms prioritizes aswell. The dashboard comes with some unique metrics such as determining traffic potential of every keyword.


Being aware of where your site ranks is also very important. By looking at the rank you will have a pretty good idea which of your marketing strategies are working best. This is crucial to optimize your ad campaigns. If you are successful in maximizing your ROI, you will have a good foundation to scale your business.

These are the tools that help you track your site rank without having to scroll through endless google search pages.

Free tool – Google Search Console

This is a Google’s very own array of tools that enable you to track your website’s performance. If you click on the “Search Traffic” tab and then the  “Search Analytics” tab, you will get to a list of keywords your site is ranking for. Next, you sort by ranking position and research the words you find on page 2 of the search results. With a little help of SEO, you can improve your keywords to have a better ranking.

Freemium – SEMrush

SEMrush is a freemium tool that gives you limited access to its database. Hint: play a bit with the filters and you will be able to access a bit more of the data. This tool can enable you to track any domain or a Keyword from any geo-location. It is very useful to research your local competition, another cool perk is that it enables you to target different devices.

Paid – Authority Labs

This is another useful tool that allows you the tracking and graphing of the keywords. It is making daily checks of the highlighted keywords and it turns the data into weekly reports.


Should you work in digital marketing you would know that all SEO ranking signals apply to some kind of content. And the quality of that content has a very big impact on your site. It is not easy to always come up with fresh ideas on a daily basis, but it is something to keep in mind if you want to keep your site interesting and engaging for your visitors. It also helps your site rank higher in the search engines. Following tools will help you finding new ideas to improve your website content.

Free – Outdated Content Finder

If you are struggling to figure out your new content, you will find the tool, made by Greenline Search Marketing, very useful. What you have to do is put in the search term you want to rank for. You can also put in a general topic you want to write about. Complete the date parameters (we recommend 3+ years) and read some of the old content. If you think that you can update it for the current time, check with the website owner if he would be interested in putting up the newer version.

Freemium – Yoast WordPress Plugin

This is a handy freemium tool that makes sure the content on your site is SEO Friendly. It is a WordPress plugin with a traffic light signal basis. It makes sure your content is in check with the SEO standards.

Paid – Buzzsumo

The paid Buzzsumo is another effective tool you can use easily as it has a simple interface. It lets you know what content is working well in connection with your chosen topic. It also highlights the major influencers of the topic.

Technical SEO

Getting familiar with the back-end of your site, realizing how it works and recognizing the issues you might have is a very important step in reaching the best possible optimization of your web page. The following tools will help you on your way to reaching the next level of website optimization.

Free – WooRank Plugin

WooRank Plugin is actually a freemium tool. However, it does offer enough information to be labeled as a free product. WooRank Plugin scrapes your site and lets you know of any inefficiencies you might have. It even offers checklists to complete. It is a good tool to get some perspective on where your site is compared to your competitors.

Freemium – Screaming Frog

This tool is very efficient and operates as a site scraper. It operates like a search engine in many ways. It goes through all of the website’s links and pages and presents data on Status Codes, Meta Descriptions, Robots Meta Data, Page Titles and it arranges it into a spreadsheet with a filter.

Paid – DeepCrawl

The deep crawl is very similar to Screaming Frog in a lot of ways. However, one of the main distinctions is that it is easier to use. Instead of the spreadsheet, you would get from Screaming Frog, you get it in a simple visual form of graphs and charts. Another interesting perk is its capability to identify content, highlight missing titles, duplicate pages, the content length and more. It has a lot of features we will not mention as the list is long, however, we encourage you to check them out here.

Those are some of our favorite tools to use. There are many options available out there that we did not mention, so you can find many more tools with various features if you care enough to look for them. The tools we mentioned are among easier to use and are a good fit for a beginner.

Link Building

Even though Google discourages “link building”, it is to this day one of the most important factors with an influence on ranking. Some previous link building methods were very manipulative, but in our eyes, building links between different content is only good for all parties involved. If the content is good enough, someone who links it gets some good content on their site while the content creator gets greater exposure and potential to get a new audience from the person who linked it.

Free – LinkMiner Plugin

Link Miner is the tool you should use if you want to go for the broken link building strategy. It is easy to use and understand. If you are interested in more material on broken link building methods, you can check them out here.

Freemium – Moz SEO Toolbar & Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Both of them do a similar job, and a very important one: checking if a site is in line with the required standards. They showcase essential SEO data on the site you are currently visiting. We like to use both at the same time as multiple results provide us with a better picture on how well the site is made as they have slightly different indicators.

Paid – Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs Site Explorer is providing the data on living, broken, and lost backlinks. It is not only amazingly fast, processing around 4,1million pages per minute, it is also the only tool that can crawl JavaScript sources.  Using this tool allows you to see the bigger picture, as it offers more than just regular HTML pages. Due to many useful features, Site Explorer is a very simple way to make backlink analysis. You can set a time frame, filter data by many different ways and analyze texts and even follow up on lost or gained backlinks, all of it connected to your inbox.

Paid – Buzzstream

Buzzstream is one of the tools with many features. It is very effective for outreach optimization and scraping prospects. It also allows you to find hidden information such as contact details. It is a great tool, but take care to set up your account in a correct way or you will have issues down the road.

Link Removal

Link removal is hopefully something you will not ever have to do. Yet it is still one of the things required to do if you are hit with Google’s Penguin algorithm. Removing links can take a lot of time, but it is something that will definitely help your site in the long run.

Link removal can be used even if your website wasn’t flagged by Google’s algorithm. If you bought some links previously or have been a target of a negative SEO attack. Even if you have your content on many various sites, the links can still do harm to you.  Removing them will do no harm and will keep your good image in relation to Google.

Free – Disavow Tool

Disavow Tool is very simple: this is a google’s tool that highlights the sites that you should never link to your website, it’s that simple.

Paid – CognitiveSEO

This is another tool with great capabilities. It aids your rankings, does competitor research, backlink analysis, and content audit. It even has unnatural link detection and removal feature. It is really an amazing tool with a nice preview screen where you can check the sites, so you can make a better decision on whether to highlight them as disavowed or linked.

What is The Best Search Engine Marketing Online Course?

Probably one of the best online training courses which will help you to get started with an local SEM agency is Parallel Profits. Parallel Profits is an online training course by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton which promises to teach beginners how to build their own local SEM agency from scratch. This course is fully packed with tools, videos end experiences from Aidan and Steve who have been running their own agency in Cape Coral for several years.

Update: 26.4.2019

Talking about Courses – Knowledge Business Blueprint Is Launching in 5 Days!

Talking about search engine marketing courses – this new course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi has nothing to do with SEM, but makes it possible for you that you use you knowledge and make a business around that sharing it with others. Knowledge Business Blueprint and their MindMint software makes it possible to use your expertise and successfully share is with other people by organising and running mastermind groups in private and groups. You can get more information about that in our review article of KBB here.

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