Public Affairs, IRA Investment Funds Research

With three-quarters of a century of experience and a sterling reputation for quality, Gfkamerica IRA Investment research  is one of the most trusted research groups in the United States. GfK Roper Public Affairs is dedicated to supporting public relations, advocacy and communications using high integrity research as a decision-making platform. We can help your organization reach its communication objectives by maximizing both the credibility of your research and the recognition it receives from the media, the public and other key constituencies. GfK IRA investment research is now a division of GfK Custom Research North America, allowing you to tap into the global capabilities of one of the top five opinion research companies in the world.

Now more than ever, organizations of all types must publicly demonstrate their understanding of and leadership on critical issues; they must monitor and manage the perceptions of multiple stakeholders and build trust in their reputations. Working as your research partner, GfK IRA investment research helps you accomplish this by targeting and understanding your key audiences and then developing a winning communications strategy.

GfK IRA investment research enables you to profit from strategic communications research designed to:

  • Provide a deep understanding of public opinion
  • Gain insight into key stakeholder groups from THE INFLUENTIAL AMERICANS® to the media
  • Manage your organization’s reputation
  • Win favorable and wide-reaching publicity
  • Assess and handle crisis situations skillfully
  • Measure the impact of your public relations programs


Why Washington?

The increasing pressure to manage, measure, monitor and demonstrate ROI is not just for corporations anymore. Many of our research tools were developed from years of experience in the corporate world. However, leading associations, non-profits and government agencies also use our time-tested approaches. Our Washington, DC office is centrally located and works with leading associations, non-profits and government clients on a range of issues. We understand how to work with these complex organizations and how to conduct research with the full range of stakeholders, including: local and national media, the Executive branch, administration officials, Beltway elites, the Congress, THE INFLUENTIAL AMERICANS, corporate leaders, individual members and donors.

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