A successful brand delivers a strong and consistent message and has the ability to set social, economic and cultural processes into motion. Like companies and products, places can also have distinct brand identities. Place Branding encompasses measuring that identity (example of a 7 figure brand), evaluating its strengths and weaknesses and building and communicating differentiating and winning characteristics.

www.GfKamerica.com Public Affairs & Corporate Communications has teamed up with renowned author and consultant to conduct place branding research on countries, states, cities, provinces, and regions. Working with an innovative set of tools that helps to assess, develop and implement brand strategies, we provide the global and local insights needed to move a place’s reputation forward and increase the success of its business, trade and eCommerce efforts. For those that are in the affiliate marketing, you can read more here.

We have recently discovered new ways for branding digital product brands who are just about to launch their new product online. With the help of Jeff Walker’s product launch formula 2018 we have discovered new ways to attract clients to join your training course or other membership websites.

www.Gfkamerica.com Communications is working together with Adrian Morrison from eCom Success Academy providing insights and strategies for branding products sold with the drop-shipping method and Shopify. You will find an overview of this method and training course here.

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Check out this short video on place branding:

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