GFK Reviews PLF (product launch formula)

We are happy to announce that Jeff Walker is launching his updated course and we will give you all the insights in our product launch formula review.

If you didn’t know, Jeff was featured on as the $400 million dollar man.

This is a rock-solid, bullet-proof step-by-step system that is teaching entrepreneurs how to build a very prosperous launch funnel. The EXACT steps are covered with loads of case studies and follow-alongs. Every step of the way from the blog post to the email sequence, on-boarding JV’s…

This video training series will take you by the hand to build and finally launch your product. You get all the swipe files… That means; video scripts, email copy, blog copy and proven-to-convert sales letters.

The best thing about it is the fact that you also get access to the Q&A sessions and coaching calls.

The product launch formula is a PROVEN system that Jeff’s students have used time and time again to successfully launch their products and make 6 or even 7-figures online.

What exactly is behind PLF?

Jeff Walker who is the creator behind the PLF is one of the best if not THE best online marketers in the whole world. He has been working for over two decades in the online marketing sphere and helped thousands of entrepreneurs along the way.

Combined that means around $500 million USD in sales!

Jeff (or should we call him – the online marketing “ninja”) is also an renowned author of the New York Best Selling book called “Launch”.

Over the past few years, he sold almost $30 million worth of copies of his PLF program.

This guy knows a thing or two about how to successfully launch products online!

The product launch system is Jeff’s best selling product and can be applied to more-or-less ANY business. Inside, you will learn everything you need to know from marketing to the launch sequence.

Once you sign up for the training, it is completely online, so you can go through it at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.



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