What is affiliate marketing and can you build a 7 figure business?

blueprint to 7 figure in online business

Do you want to earn extra cash through your website? If so then one of the best options is affiliate marketing. You can also go the route of building a 7 figure cycle with Amazon FBA, but more on that under our reviews section.

Now, what Is Affiliate Marketing?

This is a type of revenue-sharing system that gives you the ability to offer promotors with a financial incentive. You can also promote other companies’ products and earn money through this system. A commission is paid when an individual, website, etc. promote the product of another person or company. You then earn a share of the profits the person/company makes.

If you’re just getting started with this marketing system here are some helpful tips:

Pick a niche

Today there are over one billion websites, and it’s projected e-commerce companies will generate over $2 trillion this year. Which products should you promote? A good approach to take is to pick niches that can help to drive traffic to your site. This should also involve the content you’re offering your visitors/customers. Make sure to do your homework to learn the niches that give you the best chance of boosting traffic and generating revenue.

Create fresh content

Should your website have a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy? It’s not a bad idea but keeps in mind that’s just a start. If you want to maximize web traffic, you should also focus on providing your visitors with fresh and interesting marketing content. This is something today’s customers are looking for since it can improve their overall experience.

The content should focus on your target market. The goal should be to provide your readers with tons of useful information that can improve their lives and encourage them to keep returning to your site for new posts. This approach also helps to establish your website as an authority in your niche, which gives consumers a reason to visit your site for other options.

What’s the result? It will provide your visitors with information that can help them make better choices when making big purchasing decisions. When that’s the case, they’ll likely keep returning to your site and share it with their friends/family.

Use software tools

This will help to make your affiliate advertising campaigns more effective. There are many options so make sure to research which ones are the best options for newbies. For eCommerce, like it is done in the 7 figure cycle by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, they use their Profit Blaze software. As always there are various features, pros, and cons available for each one, so it’s important to research so you’ll know which software is best for your particular needs.

Promote across channels

Here’s another hot tip for affiliate advertising. Make sure to use a marketing campaign that’s a cross-channel one. TI’s a great way to boost visibility for your website and boost engagement with your visitors. This will help to boost your website’s traffic and profitability.

Which options should you use? Email newsletters are a great option for email marketing, and it’s the most common channel for viral marketing. You should also have a social marketing campaign since the number of mobile searches is sky-rocketing. The number of Google searches is now higher for mobile than desktop/laptop. For anything related to Amazon, you should check out the 7 figure cycle review.

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