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John Crestani has built a VERY successful online business in 4 short years… He is hosting a webinar, where you can learn more on the EXACT business model, with LIVE examples on how he was able to scale his affiliate marketing business. Click below to register for the FREE training or read the super affiliate system review here.


Thousands of people showed up for the early bird webinar and took the majority of available spots in the training course. You need to act QUICK, because once the doors are shut, they will NEVER open again!


LIVE DEMO + TRAINING – The EXACT Step by Step System Revealed! (REPLAY)

The 7 Figure Cycle Review – Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

I already have access to the course so I can show you exactly what you will be getting. I got in as an Pre-public Early Bird Member.

screenshot of the members area for 7 figure cycle training course

So lets dive right into it…

I would like to start my review with a very “heart touching” testimonial from one of the students of the previous 100k factory membership from Aidan and Steve. She was skeptical at first, just like you are probably, about the whole “online business” thing, but after achieving success this is an INSPIRING post that she wrote:testimonial 2

Testimonials From Current Students

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton had a hugely successful training called the 100k factory. In fact, it was in so much demand (due to them accepting just a limited number of people) that they launched it 3 times. Every-time it was groundbreaking and HELPED a lot of people literally change their lives! Here are a few AMAZING results from “beta testers” of the training course:

Liz Cassidy$830,299.18

Read More In The PDF

Waddy Platt$143,987.07


Read More In The PDF

Kevin Jenkins – $194,356.64

Read More In The PDF

This is a student that did ALMOST $4 Million USD in 2017 using the EXACT techniques and startegies Steve and Aidan were teaching in their 100k factory training that they released in 2017.

screenshot from 100k factory student


Where can you join?

You will be able to sign up on the official 7 figure cycle website when the application is made available to the public.


What is the 7 Figure Cycle System all about?

Product 7 Figure Cycle
Authors Aidan Booth, Todd Snively, Chris Keek, Steve Clayton
Recommendation YES! 100%
Official Website Click Here

This is how the whole system works:

  • Choose a supplier (wholesaler) from the PRIVATE database
  • Run the products through the proprietary software called “PROFIT BLAZE”
  • Identify the money making opportunities from millions of products
  • Negotiate the final price and buy the products (could mean extra $$$)
  • Send the products to the Amazon warehouse
  • Sell them in about 14 days at a %50+ profit margin
  • Repeat the process up to 26 times a year!

The beauty of running this business model – there is no need for:

  • AD spend or minimal
  • a website
  • customer support
  • product development or stock
  • ANY branding has millions of HUNGRY buyers visiting their website EVERY DAY which are very likely to buy. Over the years, Amazon has built a relationship with their customer base through TRUST and INTEGRITY, which makes it the perfect platform to sell almost ANY product.

If you are looking for a different route on how to make money working from home, you can also check out this affiliate marketing course, launching in June 2018 – you can read more in our Profit Engine Review.

The great thing about the system that Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Todd Snively and Chris Keek put together is the fact that once your products are on Amazon, you can EXPECT to see profits in a matter of hours.

What makes this system groundbreaking?

  • The strategies outlined in the training already have more than $125,000,000 in revenue PROOF! Aidan, Todd, Steve and Chris collectively made over $20,000,000 and their “beta testing” group of students made over $32,000,000 in revenue. Talk about PROOF!
  • Brand New eCom Business Model – Unlike most of the available training, teaching you how to private label or dropship your products, this is something we haven’t seen ANYONE else doing, probably due to the fact that NOBODY is able to analyze that much data.
  • The PROFIT BLAZE software – the private software they have been using to analyze millions of products is the bread and butter of the system. The size of product catalogs that wholesalers have is outstanding and picking out profitable products without the software would be IMPOSSIBLE. You can also add in your own data-feeds and find a profit making product in a matter of seconds!
  • Business In a Box For EVERY Customer – once you become a member of the training course, you will also get a product which will be 200% GUARANTEED to make you money. If it doesn’t you will get the cash equivalent – that is how confident they are in their system!
  • Wholesalers Contracts – you get access to the private network of suppliers and more importantly, already have contracts in place for you to leverage and get access to MILLIONS of products at will!
  • Access To Private “Preparation Centers” – a done for you logistic service that you can use both internationally and in the USA. These prep-centers are a result of years being in the business and connections built with business owners all aver the world.


While the exact strategy behind the system is still not publicly available, it will probably be a combination of what they learned over the years.

I am going in-depth with the members area preview and in my  7 Figure Cycle Review and Bonus – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton you will get all the information you need. For any questions you can contact me directly on Facebook or through our contact us page. This is surely one of the best opportunities, if you want to learn about how to build an online business so make sure you note it on your calendars for the live call, because you don’t want to miss out on the knowledge and value they will be sharing! As many people were asking me, what type of video marketing they are using for the amazing 3D Video Animation, I decided to put together an in-depth review of Viddyoze 3.0 here.

In January 2018, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, two online entrepreneurs who have years of experience in building out businesses, are releasing a online course. You can read my 7 figure cycle review if you have any questions or need additional information. The way their system works is by leveraging a profit cycle at a 50%+ profit every 2 weeks and replicate that up to 26 times per year.


VIDEO #2 + SECRET MINDMAP – The Detailed System That 517 “Test Students” Used To Generate $125,014,142 Without a Website Or  ANY Paid Ads

Steve and Aidan are releasing a FREE mindmap that outlines the EXACT system they are using to get AMAZING results. On top of that, you will also get the chance to enter and win $5000 later this week on the LIVE CALL.

video 2 - secret mindmap

For the next 48 hours only, you have the chance to get access to a secret “MindMap” that reveals the exact process 517 “Test Students” used to collectively generate $125,014,142 in the past 12 months selling popular but “weird” products online.

PDF Download


VIDEO #1 + FREE PDF$5.4 MILLION in 12 Months Using A Simple System

Make sure you watch the video below and learn how Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth made $5.4 MILLION in 12 months, using a 7 Step System that can be easily replicated by ANYONE. You will also get a chance to win $5000 on the LIVE call they are hosting later this week. Click below to hop over to the sign up page.

case study video screenshot

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I must say that this system is something unlike what I have ever seen and the results have been nothing but AMAZING. You can download the FREE PDF below and enter your email for a chance to win $5000 on the live call later this week.




Here is what Aidan and Steve have expertise in:

Amazon FBA – they have both sold multiple millions worth of products with using Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon). They both private label generic everyday products and sell them on Amazon. The trick is to market and optimize your listings for organic traffic on their sales platform. Just like Google, they have a search engine, which runs on a algorithm, that can be manipulated. Once you rank your products for certain money keywords, the income is more or less passive. All that is left is to make sure you are in stock.

Affiliate Marketing – another part of their business is based on affiliate (referral) marketing. This is where a commission is paid out, whenever someone buys a product coming from your affiliate link. Everything is tracked with cookies and you only get paid when a sale occurs. This is a great way to generate more or less passive income by writing occasional emails and running ads. The bad thing is that you don’t get the customers information such as email, but on the contrary you minimize the responsibility (customer support, delivering the products, keeping stock… etc. )

Dropshipping + Shopify- the last information product they put out was the 100k factory course. The way that was based was solely on the dropshipping model, where you don’t keep any stock and sell products via an eCommerce store, usually running on Shopify. Additionally with Shopify you can use the Oberlo app for sourcing products and uploading them to your Shopify store. The Oberlo app is pretty simple to use and compared to other tools it comes with a cheap monthly retainer.

The most used selling platform called Shopify has also lot of new features and tools added in 2018. They have also expend their subscription plan for big companies to en enterprise model called Shopify Plus. For a better understanding of how Shopify Plus works and what does it cost you can read a detailed review by

To put it simply: a customer buys a product from your website and only after you get paid, you go out and order that product for a lower price at your supplier and let them ship it out to your customer. This is a great business model not very hard to learn and extremely lucrative.

Information products (digital courses) – this is something they have been doing lately. Their course on dropshipping (100k factory) was a big success, with many students reaching their desired income levels and quitting their day jobs. The way this model works is by teaching other people and helping them achieve success with an online course. As Aidan and Steve are experts of dropshipping, they decided to put all of their knowledge in a online course and help people achieve the same success. These courses are usually delivered through membership sites. You can get more information on the official 7 figure cycle website here:

Talking about information products – there was just a new course released by Jeff Walker covering how to launch your own digital product online. In his new course called Product Launch Formula he is covering everything from scratch: from product research, video shooting, membership-site creation, advertising etc. You can get more information and read the whole review of  Product Launch Formula here

This course is already closed. If you are still searching for something similar to the 7FC training you can check out our recent review of eCom success Academy by Adrian Morrison  or visit their official website here:


What is Next?

As you already know the 7 Figure Cycle Training is closed – this are the best substitutes you can check out:

Tools we use:


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