Smart Money Secret is a program designed to help you banish your poor credit reports once and for all by convincing creditors and reporting agencies that their best call is to make you go away – by erasing your poor credit report items, stat!

Is it worth your time? Stay tuned and we’ll tell you!

This training aims to help you with a really common problem – to take your low credit report and use a variety of techniques to bring it higher, giving you access to better lending, rates, and credit in the process. Low credit rating is something that affects SO many people and leaves many desperate to make a change, so it’s not surprising people want in on this program.

Let’s take a look inside.

Ok, first up, you should know that this course is all about a physical book that gets shipped to your home. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll also get a copy in PDF format which is handy for uploading to your mobile phone and reading on the go.

The book is divided into ten chapters and walks you through all the steps, from the getting started tips to the most extreme method in the book, which we’ll mention later.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

This chapter, as you might guess, is where you should begin your credit-improvement journey. It walks you through how credit scores work, the agencies involved, explains why you need to rectify low scores, starts you out with some simple templates and gets you removing negative credit items immediately!

Chapter 2: Getting Inaccurate / Incomplete / Unfair / Unverifiable Items Removed

This is the money maker! This chapter is stuffed to the brim with template letters for almost any situation. Just fill them in, send them out, and wait for your credit score to improve!

Chapter 3: Advanced Tactics

As the name suggests, this chapter goes into more detail about some of the more advanced techniques you can use. It covers things like bankruptcies, liens, and public records and includes even more templates like the ones in chapter 2.

Chapter 4: Lawsuits

Ooh, now this is the extreme method we talked about earlier! Sure, this isn’t for everyone, but if you’re already experienced and sufficiently motivated, this can be a really good method for improving your credit. It gives tips for who, what, and how and is only for people who are sure this is the right step for them.

Chapter 5: ChexSystems Removals

How to get the dreaded ChexSystems erased from your report.

Chapter 6: Student Loans, Repossessions, and HIPAA (Medical Bills & Collections)

This chapter deals with these specific special cases.

Chapter 7: Advanced Credit Techniques

These are advanced techniques that will make keeping your credit score high a total breeze. You’ll get advice on getting good credit lines quickly, utilizing credit loans, business credit, etc.

Chapter 8: FAQ
You guessed it – frequently asked questions about the program.

Chapter 9: Statute of Limitations Chart

Lets you know what’s worth pursuing under US law.

Chapter 10: Glossary

Another part of the system is the associated SMS Facebook group. This is a vibrant, dynamic community of nearly 20,000 members and it is the perfect place to go for advice, tips and, most of all, inspiration, as you hear the countless stories of people who have improved their credit scores and supercharged their lives!

Does it work?

This course is based around the SMS 11 Words. Now, I’m not allowed to share the precise words with you, but it’s basically a way of wording your letters and emails to creditors and agencies that supercharges your abilities to get them to remove poor (or incorrect) items from your report. From testimonials and personal experience, we can say it definitely works.

Is it Immediate?

From what I’ve seen, it is possible to see changes in as little as 48 hours, but it’s more likely to show results in 14 – 90 days.

Most importantly, is Smart Money Secret a scam + Our Final Verdict

No! It’s really just a collection of really effective tips that other credit improving companies have been using for years! They’re based in the US and subject to US laws and seem totally legit to us.

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