Print Media Are More Effective Than TV for Reaching The Influential Americans®, According to New Research from GfK NOP

New York, February 14, 2005 — Print media, in general, are more effective than television for reaching Influential Americans—the critical 10% of the population who drive what the other 90% think, do and buy. By incorporating its Influentials® research battery into Mediamark Research Inc.'s Survey of the American Consumer, GfK NOP found that 41% of The Influential Americans® are among the nation's most avid newspaper readers, and a third of The Influential Americans® are counted among the country's heaviest magazine readers. In contrast, just 14% of The Influential Americans® are heavy TV viewers.

Radio is somewhat more effective than TV for reaching Influential Americans®, with 20% of Influentials among the most frequent radio listeners. The print media, however, provide a far more efficient way to reach The Influential Americans® than either major broadcast vehicle.

The Influential Americans® Are Better Educated Than the Average American

Demographically, The Influential Americans® are similar to the average citizen. They are found in almost all regions, and in both rural and urban areas. They are about twice as likely as the general population, however, to be college graduates, as well as to hold professional or management jobs.

Although The Influential Americans® are similar to the general public demographically, they stand apart in their level of participation in their communities. They are more likely, for instance, to attend public meetings or to give speeches or talks. In addition, in the US, they are twice as likely to recommend a product—one of the reasons they are such key targets for companies looking to build the word-of-mouth momentum critical for market success.

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