Hispanic Americans Rely on Television for Finding Information About Travel, Entertainment, According to GfK NOP Survey

News Magazines, Sitcoms Favorite Primetime TV Format

New York, NY, November 2, 2005—Hispanic Americans are two to three times more likely than the general population to turn to television as their primary source for entertainment-related information, according to the results of GfK NOP's Hispanic OmniTelTM Media and Entertainment Study, announced today. The survey also found that Hispanics prefer to watch news magazines and sitcoms over other primetime television formats.

Hispanics Turn to TV Two to Three Times More Often Than Other Americans

Asked what they considered to be the best source of information on a variety of leisure activities, the majority of Hispanic Americans cited television as their preferred media choice. Nearly two-thirds (64%) said they rely on television to learn about new movies coming to theaters, and nearly half (48%) said they turn to TV to learn about upcoming concerts and sporting events. The study also found that Hispanic Americans are much more likely than the general population to rely on television for information about travel and entertainment.

For example, Hispanics are three times more likely than other Americans to use television as an information source when making travel plans (30% vs. 10%) or deciding to go to a concert or sporting event (48% vs. 16%).

Following is a breakdown showing the percentage of Hispanics that turn to television when planning these activities as compared to other Americans.

Activity Hispanic
New movies coming to the theater 64% 34%
Planning a trip or vacation 30% 10%
Attending concerts or sporting events 48% 16%

Based on an August 2005 GfK NOP Hispanic OmniTel survey of 500 Hispanic Americans 18 and up

"Marketers, particularly those in the media and entertainment industry, must be mindful of the critical role that TV plays in the marketing mix when looking to target Hispanic Americans," said Bruce Barr, Vice President, Omnibus Services for GfK NOP. "While some Hispanic Americans do turn to other media for information, there is a far less established "word-of-mouth" network for gathering information on mainstream American leisure activities, especially among the less acculturated Hispanics. Television fills this void when it comes to making entertainment-related decisions."

News Magazines, Sitcoms Favorite Primetime TV Format

The GfK NOP survey also found that the viewing patterns of Hispanics are generally very similar to the general population, but there are some exceptions to note. Findings indicate that while viewership of primetime sitcoms and reality shows are consistent, there are differences evident for news magazines and primetime drama viewership.

Specifically, comedies/sitcoms were consistently high between both groups (64% among Hispanics and 67% for the general population), and reality shows were consistently low (with only 37% of either group saying they routinely watch shows of this nature). Where the similarities erode, however, is among the other two main genres. The study reports that almost two-thirds (65%) of Hispanic Americans regularly or occasionally watch primetime TV news magazine shows, compared to only 57% of the general population. In contrast, a little more than half (54%) of Hispanic Americans regularly tune in to view primetime TV dramas, compared to 64% of the general population.

The chart below provides a recap of the percentage of Hispanic Americans who regularly or occasionally watch a particular program format versus the general population.

Primetime TV Format Hispanic
News magazines 65% 57%
Sitcoms or comedies 64% 67%
Dramas 54% 64%
Reality shows 37% 37%

Based on an August 2005 GfK NOP Hispanic OmniTel survey of 500 Hispanic Americans 18 and up

"Advertisers looking to use television to reach Hispanic Americans should give special consideration to news magazines and sitcoms over other primetime program formats," says Barr. "Marketers who recognize and understand the nuances of the Hispanic market are uniquely positioned to tailor their approach for a competitive advantage."

About Hispanic OmniTelTM

GfK NOP's Hispanic OmniTel is a bi-monthly survey of the Hispanic-American market that represents all Hispanic-American adults nationwide. The survey offers an efficient way to understand trends and issues relating to this rapidly-growing market. The Media and Entertainment Study was conducted in August 2005 among 500 Hispanic Americans aged 18 and older nationwide via telephone. Respondents were given the choice of completing the survey in English or Spanish.

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