GfK NOP Financial Announces Two Phase Study of Consumer-Directed Health Plans

GfK NOP Financial today announced its new Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP) Study, designed to identify the opportunities and challenges surrounding the adoption of CDHPs, including Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). The multi-sponsored program will examine the attitudes and beliefs of the core constituencies expected to have the most influence on the market acceptance of CDHPs—brokers, employers and consumers.

The first phase of the Study offers qualitative insight based on research in three key markets—Philadelphia, Chicago and Dallas. GfK NOP conducted nine focus groups among employee benefits managers and influential consumers, as well as 15 in-depth interviews with brokers. Results, available now, reveal continued low awareness and adoption of CDHPs, with a critical need for better communication programs that explain the plan designs and what they mean for both companies and their employees.

The second wave of the Study will be a quantitative assessment of CDHP current adoption, as well as leading indicators of future adoption. It will be based on surveys of 500 benefits managers and 400 health plan members. Both phases are available on a multi-client basis, with costs shared among several sponsors.

The CDHP Study will help the insurance and financial services industries learn about ground-level reaction to the products. It includes insights into:

  • The marketplace context into which CDHPs are being introduced
  • Awareness, adoption and knowledge levels among key populations
  • Reactions to CDHP, HRA and HSA product characteristics, including perceived advantages and disadvantages
  • The image of carriers, regarding the design and implementation of CDHP plans
  • Preferences for asset management administration
  • Perceptions of the future of the CDHP concept, including expected rate and extent of adoption...key selling points...and barriers to acceptance
  • Education and communication challenges

The research is being sponsored by health insurance carriers and others serving the consumer-directed health plan market, and results from the first phase are available for immediate purchase. Sponsorships are currently open for the second phase. To purchase Phase I results, become a Phase II sponsor or get additional information on the 2005 GfK NOP Financial CDHP Study, please contact Tim Nanneman, Vice President.


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