Halloween Not Just For Kids… Adults Getting Into The Spirit At Work Too

-- GfK NOP OmniTel Survey Uncovers How Americans Celebrate –

NEW YORK, October 24, 2005 – A new OmniTel™ survey by GfK NOP reveals that Halloween celebrations are no longer limited to the under 12 age set.  Thirty-seven percent of American adults (age 18 and up) are getting into the act by attending Halloween parties or participating in costume contests and roughly one third (32%) say they dress up in a spooky costume just for the fun of it -- even if they have no party plans.  Additionally, adults 25 to 34 are the age group most likely to don their Halloween party hats with nearly half (45%) stating they will hit the costume party and contest circuit.  The trend also continues in the workplace.

Staff Meetings, Client Memos, and Trick-or-Treating

Today’s workforce seems to be rekindling the spirit of the day. Many are decorating personal workstations with jack-o-lanterns or other seasonal decor and participating in costume parties held at work.  Forty-four percent of workers surveyed say their employer distributes candy on October 31st and more than one third state that common areas in the workplace are decked out to celebrate the holiday.

The following illustrates the ways in which Americans say their office will celebrate Halloween:




Distribute or have candy available
in your office/place of work




Decorations in the common areas
of your office/place of work




Decorations in your personal
office or workspace




Participate in a costume contest
or party in the office/place of work




Dress up in a costume even if there
are no parties or contests




Based on a September 23, 2005 GfK NOP OmniTel survey of 615 employed Americans 18 and up

Men Keep a Watchful Eye as Women Handle Party Planning

The GfK NOP OmniTel survey also found that Halloween festivities vary among the sexes.  Men are most likely to handle chaperone duty, keeping kids safe as they walk their trick-or-treating routes.  Women on the other hand, are more often spending time at home, distributing sweets to neighborhood boys and “ghouls”.  Additionally, 12% more women are attending neighborhood Halloween costume parties or contests than their male counterparts.

“Halloween is no longer just about kids, candy and costumes,” says Bruce Barr, Vice President of GfK NOP’s Omnibus Services.  “More and more adults today are getting into the spirit, using the macabre holiday as an excuse to let loose and recapture that magic they felt as kids.  Halloween is the one time of year that both kids and adults can throw out all the rules and run around in the middle of the night.  Marketers who recognize the celebration’s growing appeal among adults -- particularly those in the workplace -- can find new opportunities to increase market share this Halloween season.”

The GfK NOP Halloween OmniTel study was conducted using telephone interviews on September 23, 2005.  The workplace survey was fielded among 615 employed Americans, and the household survey polled 272 homes with children under age 12.

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