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For more than two decades, NOP World Technology has been among the world’s largest providers of business-to-business and consumer research to the global technology and telecommunications industries.

Our ability to profile, segment and evaluate technology customers, ensures that we provide a deep understanding of your target groups, including their needs, brand awareness and perceptions, buying behaviours, and product usage. As a result, we have been a major force in guiding some of the most renowned technology leaders in identifying, growing and retaining their customer bases. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking
  • IT Services
  • Channels
  • Telecoms (Fixed Line, Mobile, Broadband)

With rich insight into technology decision makers and market trends, our innovative research and consulting services can help you meet one of today’s most critical challenges-building products and solutions that provide real value and tangible return on investment for your customers. We custom-build research solutions for your specific issues, including:

Market measurement-Critical intelligence on opportunity assessment, purchasing patterns, decision-making processes and customer requirements

Product/service development-Key information on market gaps, wants, potential and uptake

“Go-to-market” decisions-Powerful support for pricing, promotional, branding and communication strategies

Customer loyalty and profiling-Inventive approaches to customer satisfaction and channel incentive programs

Our portfolio of methodologies and technology experience enables NOP World to address your business objectives; from optimising staff and channel incentives to maximising the return on your marketing investment to analysing the productivity of emerging technologies-in every sub-category of technology.

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