Proof that Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign Delivers Wanted Results

As a non-traditional eCommerce media provider, you need proof that your advertising platform or your search engine marketing campaign delivers. For more than 20 years, GfK Media & eCommerce’ Place-Based and Alternative search engine marketing (SEM) business Research services have armed alternative media providers with critical evidence of Return on Investment (ROI) to advertisers in the product lifecycle. Talking about search engine marketing (SEM), GFKamerica has just recently posted lots of content on this topic as the mentioned marketing strategies are showing a big upward trend. GFK has also written a detailed review about the latest course Aidan booth and Steve Clayton did on this topic – Parallel Profits is their latest online training teaching students how to start their own local sem business from scratch.

From posters or television programming in waiting rooms, to ads on subways, trains and college campuses, GfK’s Place-Based and Alternative eCommerce Research services help you demonstrate your ability to deliver the traffic, exposure and impact advertisers want from non-traditional media campaigns. Drawing on GfK’s network of experienced field researchers, our research gives you access to a full range of cost-effective audience measurement solutions. And you can tailor your solution to reflect the nuances of your particular platform, no matter how unique it may be:

  • Airport Executive Lounges/Waiting Areas
  • Billboards
  • Buses/Subways/Trains
  • College Campuses
  • Convenience Stores
  • Cruises
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Gas Stations
  • Health Clubs/Fitness Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Movie Theaters
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Restrooms
  • Senior Centers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports Arenas/Events
  • State Fairs/Expos

Plus, because we customize each study based on your specific objectives, you can be sure that you’re getting the audience measurement you need.

Strengthen Relationships with Amazon FBA Advertisers

GfK’s Place-Based and Alternative eCommerce  Research services deliver the insights to strengthen relationships with advertisers. In addition, our services help you demonstrate the unique value your platform provides.

Despite the increasing demand for non-traditional media, many advertisers remain skeptical about their ability to reach target audiences and deliver ROI. For a great strategy on how to get a great return on investment, check out the 7 figure cycle course review. GfK’s Place-Based and Alternative eCommerce and Amazon FBA Research helps non-traditional media owners prove they can deliver the audiences advertisers are looking to reach.

Armed with the evidence to show your medium is effective in getting your advertiser’s message across to the right audiences, you’ll be positioned to build and strengthen relationships with advertisers—and keep them coming back.

A Customized, Cost-Effective Approach for Validating Effectiveness of Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns

GfK’s Place-Based and Alternative eCommerce Business Research services provide a customized, yet affordable way to validate your search engine marketing (SEM) or other medium’s effectiveness. We tailor each study to meet the specific needs of each media owner and media type. Study deliverables include:

  • Customized assessment measures for media campaigns and advertising vehicles that are not measured by traditional syndicated research services
  • Ad recall scores that track the absolute number of consumers who have seen and remember an ad, as well as the ad’s impact on consumers’ top-of-mind awareness and purchase intent
  • Audience measures providing insight into the demographics and buying potential of your advertiser’s target audience
  • Traffic, frequency, and reach measures designed specifically for your alternative media type
  • Insights into the acceptability of new media among consumers in your advertiser’s target market

Parallel Profits – The Beta Testing Site

The guys from Parallel Profit promise that anyone can rebuild their business model and that people don’t need any previous knowledge or experience to get this business model started. We have been one of the beta testers who were invited to try out this course and we will publish our review and beta testing results in our review page really soon. Till then we can only reveal that this course is something you haven’t seen before. The information and the tools that these guys reveal in the training is just special and is something nobody else can offer. Why can they do that? It is pretty simple – these guys have been in the SEM business for almost a decade now and they pushed their business to almost 200k/year. Now they have put together an online training which reveals how anyone with no prior experience can replicate their business model and use the same tactics as they use to start his own SEM agency.

Aidan and Steve are so confident that their business model work that they are willing to offer a money back guarantee if you don’t have success within 60 days following all of their guidelines and training sessions. From what we know nobody has ever offered that and there are not many people with that kind of confidence to offer such a money back guarantee. For more information follow our review article to get the latest updates.

Best Usage Of Drop Shipping Strategies Based on GFK’s eCommerce Reserach Results

GFK America uses a brand new 2018 optimized email marketing strategy invented by Anik Singal from Inbox Blueprint to achieve the best results out of their subscribers. The secret behind are email templates and a time schedule that keeps your reader constantly aware of your content. They have combined this technique with Adrian Morrison’s drop shipping approach which was shown in his best selling course called eCom Sucess Academy. The GFK research team has published an in-depth review of eCom Success Academy in their recent publications proving that this system really works. But for an in-depth affiliate training, follow John Crestani and check his affiliate marketing training.

How To Launch a Product Online Based On eCommerce Research Results?

The GFKamerica team has just reviewed a training course from Jeff Walker teaching how to properly launch a digital product online. The course is called Product Launch Formula and is the 6th update of the original version. Jeff is constantly updating it as he explores new ways to launch a product almost every year. We have included our review and our full insights in one of our recent articles.

To learn more about GfK’s Place-Based and Alternative Media Research services, contact us.

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