GfK Starch® Print Ad Readership Studies

GfK Starch Ad Readership Studies are based on magazine reader surveys designed to measure impact, branding and reader involvement with print ads and editorial matter. Reports present the readership scores of the ads not only as percentages, but also indexed against norms that account for size, color configuration, product category and, when useful, position within the magazine. Publishers who Starch their magazines have access to the most comprehensive compilation of magazine advertising-related data in the world. Not only do they provide their clients with essential feedback about the performance of individual ads, they also can:

  • Avail themselves of the opportunity to exploit GfK Starch’s vast database capabilities to answer questions about ad size, positioning (e.g., front vs. back, right vs. left), adjacencies, etc.
  • Help advertiser-clients understand how their competitors are faring
  • Gauge reader engagement with your publication
  • Benefit from the experience of GfK Starch analysts’ ability to explain, in writing or in a personal meeting, the why behind the ad’s performance
  • Take advantage of GfK Starch’s ability to add custom questions to the questionnaire for key clients
  • Explore the effects of non-endemic advertising to discover new possibilities for development
  • Give advertisers new tools to understand a vast range of advertising measures, including diagnostics that determine the ad’s ability to stimulate changes in brand disposition, actions taken and word-of-mouth advocacy

GfK Starch Ad Readership Studies are through-the-book surveys designed to measure the extent to which an ad attracts attention, engages the reader and reinforces an advertiser’s brand. You’ll also enjoy access to powerful ROI measurements and segmentation tools that have solidified Starch’s position as an industry leader and helped both publishers and advertisers discover profitable new avenues for growth.

For more information about GfK Starch Communication Print Ad Readership studies, contact us.

Starch is Moving August 1st!

Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) announced today that it will acquire Starch Communications, which has long been recognized as the most trusted source of market intelligence on print advertising effectiveness. Starch Communications will become a division of MRI, delivering syndicated and custom ad impact studies and analyses to the marketplace. Both MRI and Starch are currently owned by The GfK Group. (more)

Advertisements and Their Effect on Purchase Behavior

Click the link below to read about the eStarch Ad Readership service and the new techniques and metrics being used to determine how advertisements in magazines and newspapers affect the purchase behavior of consumers. - Some New and Better Information on How to Make an Ad Work - Stuart Elliot, New York Times.