5 Tips For 7 Figure Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Top Tips

It is about time that you finally step up the game and compete with other marketers who are taking advantage of the Facebook Ads if you are looking to build your 7 figure cycle. If you have planned it all out, this is your chance to show the world what your business is capable of meeting the needs of your target market. Mind you; there are new changes in Facebook to enhance and promote more of the entrepreneurs who are using the website as their main platform. For example, new layouts that have been released by the Facebook committee, so, that means you will have to put up few changes as well to make sure that your Ads are still valid and you are still able to traffic your business.

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Here are the following five tips for perfecting Facebook Ads:


  1. Have a goal – It is essential that you begin with everything with a goal. Of course, planning takes place for you to ensure that everything will be in order. Think of something that you can create attention to your viewers, followers or target market. Also, you will also need to include certain details such as the product benefits for people to appreciate and check if it is interesting to them.
  2. Show them your product – if you want to grab the attention of your target market fully, it is best that you are as well promoting the product not only itself but also how you are doing it. In this way, they can see the difference how your product can be very useful to them. Be creative in how you’re going to show them.
  3. Lesser text – if you want your products to be advertised, it would be best for you to add content that is precise and straight to the point. Not all target market appreciates so much text as they would prefer the Ads to be direct to their needs. Make a line that has a big impact.
  4. Focus- if you are planning to use an image for your product makes sure that it is focused only on the product. This means you’ll have to necessarily add a text that concentrates on the entire message of your Ads as well.
  5. High-resolution images – there isn’t a need for you to hire a professional photographer to give you a good class of picture. All you will need to do is to make sure that everything else is according to the size and the quality of your media files.

Before any final decision, you can always find inspirational themes and designs for you to enhance your message and make it as an Ad. You can check out other advertisers (such as Aidan and Steve from the 7 figure cycle) on Facebook for you to gather thoughts and create your way of advertising. All these create a better outcome in advertising your business and able to connect as many people all over Facebook.

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