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Jeff Walker just opened up registration for his Product Launch Formula Coaching Program. It’s a complete A-Z system for launching, growing and scaling a profitable online business. This is the same system Jeff and his coaching students have used to generate over $1 BILLION in sales for their products and services in virtually every kind of market you can imagine. It’s only going to be open for a limited time. Here’s where you can learn all about it…


How To Launch Your Own Product Online..

Jeff Walker has recently hosted a FREE Launch Masterclass, which is a 4 part video series explaining the basic steps you need to take to launch your own digital product online. You’ll learn what’s working NOW if you want to launch a new product,service… or even entire business. It’s powerful training… and it’s 100% free for the next 500 registrants..


The PLF Review, Bonus and Beta Testing Results by GFKamerica

We are happy to announce that Jeff Walker is launching his updated course and we will give you all the insights and beta testing results in our product launch formula review. 

Before we dive into the review and training insights, we just want to make sure that you understand how BIG the digital product industry is and how much potential it still has. If you didn’t know, Jeff was featured on as the $400 million dollar man what is probably proof enough that product launches still work.

The product launch system is Jeff’s best selling product and can be applied to more-or-less ANY business. Inside, you will learn everything you need to know from marketing to the launch sequence. Right now you have the chance to sign up for his free training where he explains his launching strategy

If you’ve been thinking about investing in the highly-recommended Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula, then you’ve come to the right place.

No-one wants to waste their money on countless eCommerce courses that simply don’t work. After all, the whole purpose of these investments is to help you make money online! Not waste it!

Honestly, when I first saw this course up for sale, I wasn’t totally hooked. I only invested in it, to begin with so that I could provide an honest review for my followers online, and even then, it took me a while to actually get started and begin using the modules.

However, even if I hadn’t planned on doing this review from day one, I still probably would have ended up buying this course. After all, no-one wants to miss out on a potential opportunity to make some serious cash. Fortunately, I did eventually decide to start watching the modules, and the results were a lot more than I expected.

The thing you need to remember is that launching a product, and a business is hard – regardless of whether you have a formula to guide you or not. The plus side is that if you can convince yourself to take the time and make the mot out of this course, then you could see some amazing results.

What is Product Launch Formula?


This is a rock-solid, bullet-proof step-by-step system that is teaching entrepreneurs how to build a very prosperous launch funnel. The EXACT steps are covered with loads of case studies and follow-alongs. Every step of the way from the blog post to the email sequence, on-boarding JV’s…

PLF is designed like a video training series which will take you by the hand to build and finally launch your own product. You get all the swipe files… That means; video scripts, email copy, blog copy and proven-to-convert sales letters.

The best thing about it is the fact that you also get access to the Q&A sessions and coaching calls which help you to overcome doubts on your way to launch a product.

The PLF is a PROVEN system that Jeff’s students have used time and time again to successfully launch their products and make 6 or even 7-figures online.

Jeff Walker who is the creator behind the PLF is one of the best if not THE best online marketers in the world. He has been working for over two decades in the online marketing sphere and helped thousands of entrepreneurs along the way. Combined that means around $500 million USD in sales!

This Video Explains What is PLF All About: How to Make Your Launch a Runaway Success


What You Will Find Inside?

In this section, we will give you a brief introduction to the training, the topics which are covered in PLF and the results you can expect if you follow along the training.

The basic training modules are:

Module 1: Probably the most important module of this training. Jeff shares some great stuff about how to build powerful relations with you potential clients, the importance of your body language and the basic tactics of every successful product launch. You don’t wanna miss this part..

Module 2: This module is following up on the tasks you get from module 1 and let you build a powerfull story behind your product. You will also get some instructions about how to choose the right design and theme for your digital product.

Module 3: You will learn how to check the demand for your product and the difference between a seed launch and a Quick launch

Module 4: This module covers all the things you need to do internal to make your product launch a success.

Module 5: This module is probably the most important to follow if you want to succeed with your product launch. Jeff is covering some pretty advanced tactics about creating content that converts based on his own experiences with different content used on his own projects.

Module 6: This is the sales video module where Jeff show’s how to create killer video content and the recomended tools and tactics to get there.

Module 7: Made of 10 different submodules this part is breaking down old launches to explain what woks and what does’t..

The training is designed like a step by step system where you first get introduced into the basics of product launching following up with the more advanced strategies and tactics Jeff has gathered in 10 years doing digital products launches.

What we rated as positive is the fact that all the video modules can be accessed whenever and however you like. Jeff also included a number of PDF transcripts and summaries of every video if you want to read them instead. Sometimes it’s quicker to scan through the content to see if it’s relevant to you before you go through a video. You can also use the PDFs to just refresh your memory from a particular part of the module.

What we also liked about the PLF course is the great support and comunity which is build around the course. When we conducted our first launch last year, we had PLF to guide us all the way through, and we also experienced great support from the FB community who are allways willing to answer your questions. If you ever have any issues, you can access Jeff through Hot seat Q&A videos and coaching calls.

What was also helpful for us to have success are the example products launches from older PLF students who have succeed with this course and also the examples of bussinesses which haven’t had success. There’s a whole swipe file available actually, so you’re sure to find all the information you need.

The Jeff Walker PLF is one of the best courses out there for marketing experts and entrepreneurs. For more than 20 years, Jeff has been helping companies to accomplish incredible things, so it’s no surprise that his formula works.

Essentially, the course is all about launching your own product – whatever that product might be. It’s one of the best-selling marketing programs of all time, and it comes from a guy who’s already sold around thirty million dollars’ worth of his own business creations.

Probably the nicest thing about this course is that it isn’t too overwhelming. Jeff doesn’t ask you to accomplish too much too fast. Instead, he pushes you to take control of your family and lifestyle and live the life that you want most.

Although Jeff has worked on other courses up to now, PLF is his signature course, and probably the most compelling one you’ll ever take part in. Keep in mind that it is something you’re going to need to commit to, however. Just like any other educational experience, you need to take the lessons you learn and put them into action if you want to see results.

Essentially, what PLF does is give you an insight into how you can structure your next launch and make the most of your investments. You can access and use the course at a pace that suits you, which is great when you’re starting your business and managing a personal life too.


Beta Testing Results and PLF Students Success Stories

Jeff Walker recently interviewed a few of his students who had great success with the PLF course to give upcoming students a brief understanding about the overall knowledge level, time investment and addiction needed to have success with his training. One great example is Sage Lavina –  an ex-school teacher who became an entrepreneur and later started her own business teaching other women how to start and run a successful online business. Her first product launch was based on the PLF strategy and has closed 300 new clients, which was just the beginning of her story. Watch the video below for more detailed insights:

Laura Brandenburg is another students who had great success with PLF. She is teaching business analysts with corporate trainings and she earned $95.000 with his digital product last year.

She said in the interview: “The training course didn’t do all the work for me, of course, but what it did do is give me the structure and guidance I needed to get to my results much faster. Plus, it helped me to give the other people in my team some guidance and structure too. If you’ve ever handled a business launch before, then you’ll know that one of the best things you can have, is a well-aligned team by your side.”

You can watch the whole interview here:

Product Launch Formula – Our Final Verdict

Ultimately, only you can decide whether the course should be a part of your business strategy or not. Like any other investment in a company, it depends on the unique nuances of what you want to achieve. However, if you’re asking for my opinion, I think that this could be the ultimate course for launching a product, service, or company.

Whether you don’t have any ideas yet and you’re still searching for inspiration, or you’ve got an old product that you want to revitalize using Jeff’s formula, the opportunities are endless. The PLF gives you all the information you need to launch an incredible opportunity in no time. For me, it was an absolute life changer, and something a seriously feel thrilled that I invested in.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the perfect launch, but Jeff gives you so many different insights and overviews into different styles of launch, that you’re sure to find something that transforms your business for good. Good luck launching with Jeff’s help – I’m sure you’ll have your own fantastic success story to share in no time.



What Will You Get Inside?

So, what can you actually expect to get if you sign up for the training course yourself?

Well, there’s a lot to list, so bear with me. The first thing you’re going to find is about 80 videos from Jeff, teaching you how to have the best possible launch experience. Alongside those videos, you’ll also get about 40 hours’ worth of premium insider knowledge that will get to the bottom of everything that could go wrong, or right with your launch.

Obviously, there’s a lot of content here, but the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to watch all of it to benefit. To begin with, I only watched a few of the modules, and I still got some fantastic lessons for them. It took me a while to get to the end of the course, and I did skip a few modules because they just weren’t relevant to my current situation.

Essentially, there’s a lot of flexibility with the course, so you can basically structure it to suit your needs. As well as your videos and lessons, you’ll also get a Launch roadmap and a selection of in-depth modules that cover everything from the sales strategy that Jeff uses to make his own profits, to his sideways sales letter and so much more. It’s really hard to list everything here. In fact, there’s simply so much detail that it would take me forever to even try and summaries it. If you really want to get down into the detail of the course, then there’s only one way to do it – with Jeff to guide you.

One of the interesting things that I learned by the time I finished the training, is that there are actually a wide range of different launches you can conduct as a business, and there are unique elements in your strategy that you’ll need to implement for each of them. With the PLF, you can actually stack launches on top of each other to create a huge momentum for your business – although this is something that you might want to hold off on for a bit if you’re just getting started.

When I first began using PLF for the first time, I noticed that one of the biggest and most under-used areas of my business were the affiliate partnerships that I had been generating over the years. Thanks to Jeff, I got some great lightbulb moments, and tips on how to take advantage of affiliate launches and Joint venture launches, and how you can connect those things with your main launches too. In fact, these were some of the biggest components of my last launch.

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