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Matt is shutting the doors today! If you are looking to start making a residual income with affiliate marketing, but don’t want to create your own product or build a list first, then the No Product No Problem course is just the thing for you. Click below to see the FINAL video before doors shut and NEVER open again!


Watch the video below and learn all about how to get started with affiliate marketing and the best possible way to do it! You will be able to download a completely FREE PDF on how to get started online without creating a product!

VIDEO #1 IS LIVE – Your Path To Affiliate Freedom + FREE PDF Download

Video 1


After you watched the video, you will also be able to download the FREE PDF called: “affiliate freedom”. Matt goes in depth on how to start your online business without having a product, strictly through affiliate marketing. You will also find the perfect application form that you can use to almost guarantee acceptance into networks. Check it out below:

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Built for anyone who doesn’t have a product yet, but wants to monetize their platform without creating a product. In the course, you will be able to learn all about the strategies used by some of the top affiliates such as Jeff Goins, Ray Edwards, Brian Tracy and Michael Hyatt.

But it is not only about how “super-affiliates” with their massive following and email lists are able to promote their and other peoples products. It is also about people starting out, with no list or traffic and how they can start monetizing their website.

Matt is going to share his exact blueprint on how to build an online business, using affiliate marketing.

Here is what is covered in the No Product No Problem by Matt McWilliams:NPNP logo

  • Affiliate Marketing Mindset
  • Finding The “Best Fit” Products for Your Audience
  • Pre-selling Without Actually Selling
  • Getting Accepted Into High-Paying Affiliate Programs
  • Building a List
  • Starting With NO-LIST
  • Best Evergreen Launches and Offers
  • Getting Other Super Affiliates Promoting Your Products
  • When And What To Promote

The course is all about creating a income stream of your first $1,000 online, without creating your product.


We already have access to the course, here is the screenshot of the members area:


screenshot of the members area


From what we have been able to see is that this course is packed with VALUE – no matter your skill level. There are 9 Different modules and each module is broken down into easy to follow and implement steps.

The 9 Modules covered in the course are:

  1. Basics
  2. Mindset
  3. Finding Programs
  4. Legal/Rules
  5. Promo Preparation
  6. Selling
  7. Finishing
  8. After The Promotion
  9. Types of Promotions
  10. Bonus – Coaching Calls

Ok, we lied, there are actually 10 modules in the course

Lets break it down further.

Module #1 – Basics

Module 1 is all about the basic of affiliate marketing and has 7 lessons. You will learn about the history of this business model, how it works and the many benefits of it. It is a good introduction for both novice and advanced marketers as it covers many topics that are usually not covered elsewhere. Learn all about why companies LOVE this business model and want affiliates, plus some of the worlds top affiliate marketing companies (you would be surprised). There is more ways to skin a cat they say and so are many models and ways to promote offers – covered in great detail in the first module.

Module #2 – Mindset

After you finish the introduction lessons and are well educated on the basic, you need to get your mindset on track. This module goes over all the common drawbacks that many people face. So what if you have a small list, no website, don’t know what to promote, what to focus on or didn’t use the product? It doesn’t matter! You will learn best practices and all the strategies to keep you on track, believe in yourself and this wonderful journey you are about to embark on.

Module #3 – Finding Programs

When starting out, a lot of people struggle with finding affiliate programs and getting accepted. Networks tend have a screening process in place in order to keep the quality of the network. The 3rd module will teach you how to virtually guarantee acceptance into the best networks, what and how many offers should you promote for maximum ROI. What if there is no affiliate program available? Matt has the solution to this as well.

Module #4 – Legal/Rules

This is going to be the part of the course that is not the most exciting, but VERY important – LEGAL. Just like any other form of business, you have to stay in the rules of the FTC and the affiliate network. If you are doing PPC (paid advertising) there is a lot of rules and guidelines to follow in order to comply with the rules and avoid being kicked out of the advertising platform. Everything you need to know and more is covered in module #4.

Module #5 – Promo Prep

This is where the rubber meets the road – preparing your promo. Everything from promo preparation, setting goals, conditioning your audience, warming up the audience, the right sequence in affiliate marketing, budgeting for paid ads and much much more.

Module #6 – Selling

Learn all about the art of selling… Matt is sharing his proven techniques and best practices for selling with email, blog posts, videos, podcasts, copy-writing strategies, using swipe copies and a few of his best kept secrets.

Module #7 – Finishing Strong

After you’ve made your first sales and things are starting to pick up, you will need to be motivated and keep working towards your goals. Staying motivated, learning how to shift from free traffic to paid, how to work with optins, what to do when someone buys and closing more sales (CRO – conversion rate optimization).

Module #8 – After The Promo

The promotion has finished, you did a great job of selling the product, now it is time to sit down and analyze your results. This is where you will learn all about how to plan for the future, analyze your results (know your numbers), building relationships, getting paid and promoting more with less work.

Module #9 – Different Types of Promotions

You can promote just about anything in affiliate marketing.  From digital courses , book launches, physical products, seminars, webinars… But each and every type of product has its specific type of promotion strategy that converts the best. Learn all about each different promotion and how to maximize your ROI.

Module #10 – Bonuses / Coaching Calls

The great thing about the NPNP course is the fact that Matt will hop on LIVE calls with his students and help them out and answer any questions they have. The bonus section is full of case studies, resources, networking ideas and a lot of other juicy ninja strategies.

free ebook download


What is affiliate marketing?

In a nutshell, it is a way of making money, usually online, by promoting other peoples products and getting a cut of the sale (commission).

How does it work?

The beauty of technology is the fact that you can simplify, systematize and automate a lot of the processes. Something that was impossible before. In affiliate marketing it is all about tracking the clicks, earnings per click and conversion rates. With using tracking systems and detailed reporting, you can always calculate earnings and cut your losses.

We will be providing more in our in depth No Product No Problem Review as soon as we get our review copy of the product.

How to get accepted into networks?

If you are new to the affiliate marketing game it can be hard to get accepted into affiliate networks. So one of the biggest problems, especially for brand new affiliates, and even people that have been around for a little bit of time, but maybe they don’t have a big name or a big audience is getting accepted to an affiliate network. It’s easy to get accepted when you have a name that’s known or when you have a hundred thousand people following you or you’ve got a very popular website.

But what if you don’t? When you’re applying to affiliate programs and you’re finding it hard to get accepted, what do you do?

What I’m gonna show you, is how to virtually guarantee acceptance.

  1. Go Deep in your application
  2. Show great excitement for the network and offers
  3. Go Above And Beyond With The Application
  4. Reach out to them – stand out!

Make a Q&A copy and paste word document, so you can fill out the applications faster.