We from GFKamerica have recently checked out Neobux, a survey-taking site, to see if it was possible to make an income from it. Ideally a full-time income, but let’s be honest here – even some decent pocket money would be nice if it would be true. 


The verdict? Unfortunately, Neobux is a massive waste of time. More specifically, it’s a massive waste of YOUR time, since you have to sink many, many hours into the platform to make even a few pennies.

Now there’s something we need to point out there. Although Neobux is a waste of time (and we’ll go into that in more detail in the full review), it’s not a scam. We’ve reviewed lots of sites like this and some indeed are fraudulent, but the worst we can accuse Neobux of is just being way too much work for the money you earn.


What is Neobux and How does It work?

First up, you head over to www.neobux.com and sign up for an account. The business has been around since 2008 and the idea behind it is that you earn money for clicking on the ads they display, thereby sending traffic to the advertisers. By signing up, you can access all the ads they have available.


You can also make money by referring people to the Neobux website and if they sign up and click ads, you can also make money from this. If they also upgrade their membership, you get a cut of this too.

You with me so far? Good, because here is where I tell you that it’s NOT worth your time!

  • In the first place, the amount of money you receive for viewing and clicking ads is impossibly tiny, like a tenth of a penny.
  • Secondly, you can only start sending referrals when you have clicked on 100 ads and waited 15 days, and then you can only refer 30 people. As you spend more time on the website, you’ll be able to refer more people, but we don’t think you’ll hang around that long.
  • Finally, don’t hold your breath waiting for your referrals to sign up for upgraded membership – at around $90 for the year, it makes no monetary sense to do so.

Neobux has also devised more ways for you to make money on the site, like with their Ad Prize Games, Coin Offers and Paid Surveys and Mini Jobs, but as with the main ad viewing, you have to view way too many ads and videos before you’re even in with a chance of winning. In the case of the surveys and mini jobs, you’re also often required to leave the site and sign up with a completely new site and at least one of these new sites wanted our credit card number!

Neobux Review and Final Verdict

Even though we’re not keen on Neobux, we did sign up so you could see what’s going on. Once you’re all signed up, it’s easy to get going. You click on the “View Advertisements” button up top and you’ll get a list of ads to view.

Each ad takes around 12 seconds to view, and you have to click a box to prove you’re not a robot. Once the ad has loaded, you get your credit. Sure, it’s easy, but it’s not profitable – at that rate, you’re able to watch about 10 ads per minute, or 60 ads per hour, and at a rate of $0.01 per minute, you’re looking at a miserly $0.60 per hour! Some ads pay a little more, but you’re never going to get more than about $0.005 per per click and trust us – that’s not exactly a fortune.


Oh, and if you’re thinking of getting some special software or autoclicker to do the job, don’t bother. Neobux has some pretty stringent anti-fraud measures in place.

In all, stay away from Neobux. Sure, it’s not a scam, but no human can do the work needed to make the money worthwhile. In short, it’s very like some other survey-taking sites and we think you should avoid them all!

You can get an overview of how this system works here:

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