Instagram Marketing Secrets From 7 Figure Marketers

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Social media platforms are one of the fastest ways for you to develop and grow your business to 7 figures. If you choose this type of marketing strategy make sure that you know how things are done accordingly for you to achieve your business goals. One of the successful leading entrepreneurs found in the social media network is using Instagram. It has a total number of 700 million users that are active each month (some even multiple times per day).

This means that mobile sharing of videos and photos are great for targeting your market in the way of presenting your products. Instagram is a fairly competitive type of network when buying traffic. As each entrepreneur that markets with Instagram and sells his products, it has opened opportunities for their followers and fans as well. This also means that you need to think of a creative way for you to attract as many customers as you can. Here are the some marketing strategies that you can apply for your business to grow.

  1. The use of hashtags (#)- your image and caption are not enough to let everyone know that you are selling one particular item or endorsing an item. Using hashtags (#) captures the audience from all over the world. Just make sure that your Instagram account is set to open so that anyone can view your account.
  1. In using the hashtags, you have the option of how many are using the (#) and the more popular, the better. For example, #love #tbt #fitness #food. There are so many that you can choose as long as it is popularly used by most people surely you will be able to have much visitors and comments. Make sure that it is relevant and sensible. It is not necessary to use as many hashtags. What matters most is how you are relating your post to the people.
  1. Instagram community – it works best if you are part of a community. This is one way for you to reach your target market by being one of the groups that can help you reach as many people as you can. Make sure that you are also doing the same favor for them as it is a give and take relationship.

These are mainly the three ways for you to use your account wisely. Keep in mind that you have many competitors on Instagram. As much as possible always update your account with new things that you think are valuable to the needs of your followers. You can also post related facts for them to recognize that you are aware of their needs.

In conclusion, Instagram marketing is not a difficult thing for you to do. The good thing about this type of social media is that it helps builds your brand while you have the opportunity to for your business to have an identity for people to recognize.

Here are five strategies you can use in you Instagram Ads Campaing

It is one of the best platforms for running a business aside from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The reach is quite big and you can  be successful in building your million dollar business by having the right strategy.

To advertise your business properly, there are five strategies for a successful Instagram campaign. Here are the following.

  1. Create a good strategy – keep in mind that having a goal is your priority to make things possible as you can. An Instagram marketing campaign can be successful depending on how you’re implementing the strategies. For example, you’re using SEO ways to assure that everyone in the world will notice your post such as the use of proper Hashtags (#). This is one way for your brand to grow and be made known.
  1. Know your audience – just like any other marketing skills, you need to know your target market. Study the possibilities of your business and gather as much information and decide who can greatly benefit your product. In this way, you can specifically target the people that can fully take advantage your brand and product.
  1. Have an Instagram marketing campaign- organize your roadmap and plan for a successful Instagram campaign. For example, plan for how many posts are you going to publish. Everything must come in a SMART method so that you can implement exactly the things that you need to do.
  1. Instagram influencers – there are influencers that are looking for gems that they can create traffic from their account. So, this means, it is a great opportunity if you are someone that needs a little extra help. The better way to promote your business is to connect with influencers whose followers are more than or over hundreds of people following their account. Often, they are looking collaborations to help increase their platform.
  1. Organize and schedule your marketing campaign- releasing your brand to the public is crucial and you need to make sure that your posts are essential to the public. This means that you need to organize everything and plan out the posts that you will be publishing. Make sure that each time is engaging to all of your followers.

To conclude, this is an incredible social media platform if you want to achieve your business goals. A great start for you to have visibility or presence via online. Instagram is indeed a social media platform that can help increase your growth as a marketer in connecting more people across the world. Take your business to the next level and experience a big change in your life. Keep in mind that it only takes a little planning but make sure that it is driven by lots of creativity and passion.


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Instagram became one of the most used marketing platforms in 2018 besides Facebook and Pinterest. Fact is that you definitely need to implement Instagram into your marketing campaigns if you are targeting an audience from 20-35 years. If you are still new when it comes to SEM than we highly recommend you to check out the latest course by Aidan and Steve called Parallel Profits here:


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