Influencer Marketing Guide PART 2

influencer marketing 101

Anything that one needs can be found if only you know where to look for that. That is almost applicable even in finding the influencers you need for your brand or services and below are some of the places you may try if you are on the look for influence marketer. Before you read on we just wanted to share that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are publishing an online training course called Knowledge Business Blueprint on this topic right now – just in case you are looking for a faster payable option.

  1. ¬†Monitor Social Media –¬†Tuning yourself into active social media, you will find out who is most likely to talk loud and gather active followers. Some social media celebrities had been known and trusted by their friends and followers that every time they post, they gather engagement and actions. They are the one who keeps updates and actively participate in groups, forums and other social types of interactions. Most companies wanted this type of ambassador for the product they offered. Influencers know how to broaden the audience with the post they make like incorporating with hashtags and take actions for an engaging post.
  2. Check out Google Alerts – Google has its way to set the alarm for the keywords. Thus, they are also the place to consult when it comes to finding the advocates who have already positioned themselves to provide significant post using mentioning the brand or product on their posted articles. Using the information here, this will help you in finding the right influencer for your brand.
  3. Blogs – Almost all influencers maintain an active blog of their own. It is where they tackle interesting topics that made the people want to know. By looking out with the high-traffic blogs, it enables you to get greater impact if your company or services are posted on that site. If you are not sure how you can find that, simply search the blog with the genre that can make a contextual post for your company or product. That works best if you get relevant blogger as a tool to inform about your product. Say, you are offering kitchen utensils, so make sure you will look for a food blogger or a popular chef who have a blog about food the same if you are offering automobile parts, you get auto bloggers and not food bloggers as your influencer.

What are important to know about the influencer marketing are the statistic of the traffic and the ability of the influencer to turn this numbers of traffics as a customer or subscriber to the product that he/she had been endorsing. It creates a new market for the new product and eventually serves as the vehicle for the product to reach out more audience. You can learn all of the above and MUCH MUCH more in the 7 figure cycle training by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. We hope that you have gained insights and more understanding of the influence marketing and into finding out the best influencer for your field.

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