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These days, many companies know that if they want to earn the respect and loyalty of their customers, they need to start with an effective email marketing campaign. While it’s fair to say that social media has become an increasingly popular way to connect with clients, email continues to be the most popular method of generating and nurturing sales. In a world where countless companies are competing for control over the current marketplace, various programs have emerged to make email marketing simpler for the masses. Just one of the most well-known options available is “Inbox Blueprint” – a strategy that some people consider to be the simplest solution for learning and enhancing email marketing. The following review should help you to determine whether this course could be the best service for you when you’re starting your email strategy online.

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Perhaps the easiest way to define Anik Singal’s course is as follows: a simple, and in-depth training guide designed to walk new marketers through the process of email list building. Designed by a man called Anik Singal, Inbox Blueprint is a comprehensive 8-step video training course that assists you in everything from earning your first commission from an affiliate to choosing a niche. email-marketing-campaign-settings

Originally, Inbox Blueprint was launched in 2014, but it continues to be one of the most well-known marketing strategies on the web today. Thanks to a significant amount of hype and popularity surrounding Anik’s product, there was even a 2.0 version released in 2016, designed to provide even more guidance and support for those in need of an exceptional email marketing strategy.

Who Can Benefit from Inbox Blueprint?

If you’re thinking of using this course to learn email marketing yourself, the first thing you’ll need to know is who it was designed for. The product was initially intended to support people who already have a basic collection of marketing skills, but want to take their profit potential a step further with the help of email marketing. Additionally, if you’re concerned about the complications of list-building, then you might find this course particularly helpful, as it’s intended to make building your list easier than ever. However, it is worth noting that some of the terminology used in the course is a little advanced, so you might have trouble keeping up with the lessons if you are a complete beginner. Expect to hear words like lead generation, funnels, and auto-responder emails thrown around a few times during the course of your education. It might help to get a basic knowledge around what these terms mean before you dive completely into the course, otherwise, you could end up being confused before you even have a chance to make a substantial change to your email marketing campaigns. Despite its somewhat advanced nature, the course has plenty of great benefits to offer, including live training that supports you every step of the way, and informative solutions for how to make your email marketing more effective. The courses come with a money-back guarantee, and teach you how to get your system up and running in only eight steps – so it’s great if you want to get into email marketing as quickly as possible.

Inbox Blueprint Review and Our Personal Thoughts

If you sign up for the program and enter the member’s area, you should find that the user interface is relatively simple to navigate, which is a huge plus for many people who would otherwise struggle with the system. Once you’ve had a few moments to come to terms with the resources that are available to you, you can move into the “training” section of the platform to start your lessons. Remember, your courses will be delivered in the form of pre-recorded videos and PDFs. Additionally, you can also attend a range of live webinars that are hosted by Anik himself. These webinars can walk members through how they can build their very own email business from scratch. Even if you don’t have the time to attend a live webinar, that doesn’t mean that you should struggle to use the system’s guided methods for building an email marketing solution. Anik has broken your guide down into eight basic videos, that teach you how to bait the perfect audience, get them addicted to your email, and more. With Anik, you’ll learn about:

  • Creating your email bait
  • Using the addiction meter
  • Designing a “thank you” page
  • Building an automated email machine
  • Creating list relationships
  • Secrets around paydays
  • How to generate traffic
  • How to access automatic success

A Step-by-step Approach to Email Marketing

Within each email marketing module hosted by Anik, you’ll be guided through the steps that he uses to create killer campaigns for your email network. For instance, during the first video, you’ll get a brief insight into the world of niches, and how you can discover the most profitable one for yourself. Not only will you find out how to locate the right niche, but also how you can make the decision on which one to use. In the following video, you’ll discover the magic of the opt-in page and how they work to bring you success. In video three, you’ll learn about the “thank you” page, and how this simple solution can earn you the loyalty of your customers. Video four is about autoresponders, and how they work to generate more traffic for your business. You’ll even discover what you need to do to start your own autoresponder system running. The fifth video is a training series that examines the complexity of the customer relationship, and how you can establish a stronger connection with your target market. You’ll learn about the rules you need to follow to get the best results from your email campaign, and how you can provide the ultimate value to your subscribers. You’ll also discover the benefits of copywriting for building a relationship, and how you can write your first seven emails to generate the biggest profits. In video 6, Anik addresses how to monetize your emails, so that you can begin to use your education to earn some serious money, and in the following course, you’ll learn how you can begin to generate multiple sources of income, tracking down affiliate programs and marketing your own unique product. Video seven talks about how you can drive traffic and generate more activity for your website. You’ll even learn some of the best strategies for ensuring customer engagement. Finally, the last video is a review of everything that you’ve covered during the course, and what you can expect as you move ahead with email marketing. In the last video, you’ll discover some tips and secrets on how you can figure out the details of your open rate, boost your conversions, and keep your messages out of your customer’s spam folders. You’ll also access a host of valuable tips that you can make the most of to increase the power of your emails.

How Much Does It Cost?

So, the question is: “Is the Inbox Blueprint worth it?” Ultimately, only you can answer that question, but we can provide some advice on how much the system costs depending on which membership you choose. There are two payment options available. Either you can choose a one-time fee of around $997, or you can make three easy payments over the course of three months. You’ll also find one-time-offer upsells delivered throughout the course of the membership that offers upgrades like one on one mentorship packages. Importantly, the available extras are completely optional. You don’t necessarily have to do to them to achieve serious results with the Inbox Blueprint Review system, but you might find them beneficial in the right circumstances. Check out the official website here:

Should You Try the Training When You Are Just Starting Out?

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether you need the kind of support with your email marketing solutions that the program can offer. Hopefully, the guidance and information above will have given you a bit of an insight into what you can expect if you do sign up for the Inbox Blueprint, so you can make a confident decision about whether it’s worth your money. Since this system is designed more for beginner marketers, than people who are completely new online, be sure that you think carefully about whether you have the background knowledge to benefit from the Inbox Blueprint. Ultimately, if you’re just getting started online, then you might need to advance your education a little further before you can make the most of this marketing system. On the other hand, if you’re a young marketing expert who wants to branch into the field of email marketing, then this could be the perfect way for you to do just that. Remember, there are other options for listing building and traffic generation available that go beyond solutions with email marketing. If you’d rather not restrict yourself entirely to the email marketing framework, then you could always consider looking for a marketing course that shows you how to build on several strategies, all the way from emailing to social marketing. There are even courses out there that offer their own free auto-responder systems that you can use alongside your existing marketing campaigns.

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