Rob Booker Goes LIVE to Show You His Patent-Pending System
In Action & Answer All Your Questions
August 24th @ 11am ET
You May Never See This Again

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Rob goes live @ 11am ET, Saturday August 24th. He’ll SHOW You His Patent-Pending System In Action And Answer All Your Questions.

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We managed to get 1 membership on August 12th,2019. NOTE: At the time of this writing, spots might have been filled up!

Here is the screenshot of the members area (with 2 profitable trades already waiting for us to profit!):

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For a limited time only, membership is available at a discounted price from $4,997 to $1,497 (available through this link)

Here is what you get when joining this prestige inner circle:

It all comes with the IRON CLAD GUARANTEE

If you place every trade covered in the system over the span of the next year and don’t MAKE at LEAST 5X YOUR MONEY… Rob Booker will become your personal mentor and work with you every single day until you do!

Updated AUG 23rd, 2019: We found 14 6 memberships available!


The World’s Most Elite Traders Will Use This 
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Let me keep this short and sweet because time is of the essence.

Rob finally released his presentation showing you how his patent-pending system collects gains like 264%… 396%… 229%… 615%… 435%… 730%… and it goes on and on.

Better yet? He’s about to show you every trade–winners and losers.

If you’d taken every single trade – winners and losers – you would have catapulted a tiny $3k account into over $1.5M in under 2 years

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Rob reveals $775 winner and other major announcement

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You’ve probably heard by now that Rob Booker finally agreed to release his secret trading strategy (now that it’s protected with his pending patent).

Take a look at how many traders already signed up to get the first look at this system:

There are a very limited number of spots available…

But when you click here now you will have guaranteed priority access to see this cash producing system in action.

I’ll be straight with you… I’ve seen a lot of stuff come and go.

But if you miss this free training, you will regret it for the rest of your life. I strongly urge you to make absolutely sure you’re on the list before Rob’s presentation goes live.

Rob Makes Quick $775 Trade: Now He Wants to Give the Profits to Someone You Know

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Earlier this week Rob Booker took his trading profits for the day and put it in a tip jar at a burger joint. It made their day.

Now Rob wants YOU to make someone’s day.

Let me know here who we should help with Rob’s trading profits. What’s the point of trading if you aren’t able to improve the lives of those around you?

Let’s make today awesome for someone.

VIDEO – Rob Booker “Tips the Shiz” out of Burger Joint

rob booker

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I can’t believe I was able to get you access to THIS.

Because the patent is set to be approved any day now…

And once that happens this “once-a-day” sniper trading system could be sold to Wall Street elites – and professional traders – for millions.

Then, it’ll be too late for the “little guy” to make money off it.

Which is a shame, because this easy-to-follow system has the power to pull thousands out of the market each and every day.

Lucky for you, I secured you access to its unveiling…

WARNING! Due to the extraordinary nature of this new way to trade, it is only being broadcast for a limited time.

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World’s #1 Currency Market Expert Finally Reveals the System that Gives Him and His Friends 730%… 529.89%… and 615.79% Gains.

rob booker video 1 - exotics trading club


On August 21st @ Noon ET when you attend this free training, you’ll be among the first people on earth to see the Perfect Daily Stock Picking System in action.

It’s a gains-shattering system that was methodically and painstakingly created by the world’s most elite traders as they targeted — and profited from — assets almost no one else talks about.

And before you try and guess, no… it’s not Penny Stocks or strange options plays like the Iron Condor.

The Perfect Daily Stock Pick is…

  • Predictable: This system tracks the 3 specific sectors that make the same moves, during the same tiny window of time, on the same days. And that means you can follow them into huge cash gains. Imagine knowing what’s about to happen in the markets. You’ll wake up with each day excited to check your brokerage account!
  • Profitable: We’ve already had 396.24%… 450%… and 307.41% gains! This system spits out huge, triple digit winners, over and over again. Even during down times like “The Great Recession.” It doesn’t matter if nearly everyone else loses money — you can turn every $100 into $5,481.36.
  • Protected: Now that the system has official Patent Pending status from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, no one can use it without our permission. And when you register for this free training on August 21st @ Noon ET… you will be first in line to use the system to grab the biggest cash payouts of your life!


The World’s #1 Currency Market Expert:

“My time is very valuable to me. And I know your time is valuable to you. So I’m going to make you a promise:

I promise that you’ve never seen a system that does what my Patent Pending system does. I looked everywhere. It doesn’t exist except for within my inner circle of elite traders.

Also… I promise that you’ve never seen an online training like this before. Not only will you see my secret system for the first time ever…

I’m going to give you access to what has been my other closely guarded secret — my inner circle.

And finally, I promise that if you watch this free training, you will have the opportunity to change your life forever.

If you haven’t already grabbed your spot, please fill out the registration below and I’ll see you at August 21st @ Noon ET.”


Who is Rob Booker? Check out his video on How To Trade Rumors

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