How To Make Money Online Without Investment?

Making Money Online Without Investment


In this article, we will let you know how to make money online, without any initial investment. However, as we are not living in a fairy tale, you will still have to invest your time and energy to make it work.

We will furthermore warn and educate you about many scammers that promise different ways of making money online, only to trick you out of your money.

The top 3 »Work From Home« Scams you Should Avoid

If you were looking for ways to earn some money on the side, it is likely that you were burned before. It is often an amazing »online job«, paid in hundreds of dollars and all you have to do is fill out surveys or send emails.

You don’t have to be ashamed if you fell for any of that stuff, as it can happen to anyone. When looking at the top three »work from home« scams, they all have something in common: they all require you to pay money before you start doing your job. This is one of the most obvious signs that the offer is a scam.

Envelope Stuffing for Cash Scam

This is one of the oldest scams as it originates from the times of depression in the 1920s. The victim gets a flyer that advertises a job that sounds too good to be true: you need to fill the envelopes and send them around, to be paid at $25 per envelope. And you get as much as 1000 envelopes per week.

To apply for the job, you have to send an envelope to get the information and pay a small processing sum. After you’ve done that, you will get a template of the flyer you have seen in the first place.

The processing fee is exactly $25 and now you can send the same envelopes, inviting others to start doing the same job. The next victim then pays you $25 and you send them the same template.

Email Processing Scam

This is a similar scam to the one mentioned above. It is actually an online version of the envelope stuffing scam. You pay a similar fee, let’s say $25 (it could be more), for the promise of a very lucrative job of processing emails for a large company. In reality, you end up putting up online ads that charge the next person $25 in order to do the same thing.

Paid Surveys Scam

There are many schemes that promise you a very profitable survey job from home. There are promises of surveys with between $100 and $400, while you will actually earn only around $2-$3 per hour in the most cases. Sometimes you even have to pay $50 or more, just to learn how to do it.

The truth About Making Money Online Without Investment

We have to break it to you: you will not be earning easy money, just sitting at home in your robes and waiting for your check to come in. If that would be the case, nobody would even work a regular job by now. However, you don’t have to worry as there is plenty of interesting ways that actually return a decent income off of your work. There are quite a few legit ways of making money online, so let’s jump right into it!

1. Earn Money With Blogging

Let’s make it clear, you won’t earn any money by simply blogging. However, you can use your blog audience to sell various stuff and earn commisions while doing so. There are many sites that will be more than happy to pay you to drive your traffic straight into their shop. You get your commision, the seller gets the sale, and your blog follower will get the product he is looking for. It’s a win-win-win!

Before you get too excited and run off to start your blog, you need to take some time to figure out what are your blog is going to be about and what are the topics, people are searching for that connect well with your blog and the products you will advertise on it.

Furthermore,  you should also educate yourself on how to find the perfect niche for your blog, and how to perform Keyword research. The latter is important as it will make you understand what you should be writing about on your blog.

It is advisable to start your own blog with at least 5 articles covering different interesting topics. If you don’t want to write the articles yourself, you can always go HERE to outsource them. You should make sure every post has at least 1000 words and that you use the writers with 4 or more stars.

To give you an example, let’s say you are writing a blog about health. Your first five articles should look something like:

  • 10 foods that are super healthy
  • Tips to improve your health at work
  • How to lose weight and improve your health
  • The secret behind a lasting health
  • Habits you should avoid to stay healthy

Once you have your 5 articles, you should go and post at least one post per week, based on the keywords found on the Google Keyword Planner. This is another helpful tool form google, you should take full advantage from. It enables you to see and analyze the best performing keywords you should include in your blog.

2. Earn Money Making Youtube Videos

Making money off of Youtube is another way of making money from home.

Now, how to go about it?

First of all, you should be focusing on providing value to your audience. You can make videos about any topic. If you are providing videos with no substance or value, making money will be a hard task. Different audiences can find value in different ways. Do you think you have a good sense of humor? If that’s the case, you can start off with making funny commentaries or make a couple of sketches. There is a lot of options to engage your audience in a creative way.

When you start your youtube channel make sure to let your family and friends know what you are doing. The initial support, coming from your social media can be crucial for you to jump-start a youtube channel.

Another mistake people make when trying to make money on youtube is relying solely on ad revenue. Ad revenue is not predictable and it is one of the main reasons people fail on youtube. If you don’t know how to create Youtube videos than you should check out the Viddyoze video creation tool.

So, what else should I include in my youtube channel you ask?

3. Affiliate marketing

If you include affiliate marketing to your youtube content, you will significantly increase your money earning potential. Let’s say you have a million views per month. Your youtube ad revenue would be between $1k and $1,5K. Now if you add affiliate marketing to your content, and you earn $5 per sale. If only 1% of your viewers make the purchase you will earn $50K in sales (50X more than you would solely on ad revenue). This is more common than you might think.

Here are some of the basic principles you should follow for earning money on youtube:

Provide value first, ask for a sale later.

This is the attitude you should have from the start, whatever you do, be it making youtube videos or affiliate marketing.

Why do successful businessman, speakers, coaches spend many hours providing life-changing courses, and at the end they spend only a few minutes talking about a paid course?

It’s not that they are not interested in selling. They are not desperate to do so and prefer to spend their time providing value and building trust with their audience. People are not stupid and they will appreciate quality content. In the end, they will be way more receptive to your sale as they will like you and feel thankful for the experiences you have provided to them.

When you are making a youtube video, you should, therefore, follow that principle: Value first, sale later.

Quality of videos

When making your videos, make sure you have good lighting and a quality microphone. A good microphone is one of the most important pieces of equipment when making youtube videos. Nobody wants to listen to a low-quality audio when cruising through youtube.

We saw too many videos with an extremely bright background or with weird set-ups. This kind of preparation is putting people off from the beginning. That doesn’t mean you need to have a studio or something. All you need is a quiet room with a neutral background. You can also film in a public park or in your garden.

You also don’t require a good camera. All you need is your smartphone. Smartphones are nowadays more than good enough to produce high-quality videos. You will have to learn how to edit videos though. Good editing can make a world of difference to your video quality. You can also hire someone to do it for you, but you should really at least try to do it yourself – it is not that hard.


If you want to earn money being an affiliate marketer on youtube, you should attract the right audience for the product you want to sell. Collaborating with other youtube creators with a lot of subscribers is always a good idea. Keep in mind, YouTubers with a large audience are very careful to who they associate with, so you have to make them a good offer.

For example, imagine you have a cooking channel and you want to collaborate with someone who has a health advice channel.

You can make a collaboration titled Simple recipes for a healthy breakfast. You know how it works.

Getting the Click

Your titles and thumbnails are very important as they are the main thing upon which people decide if they will click on your video or not.

Optimize them and try to make them very interesting.

Post Consistently

Some of the quickest growing channels post very regularly. You should be posting around 3 videos per week in the early stages.

Even if you have a regular job and many daily chores, you should still try to make the material in the evening or during the weekend and spend some time editing and uploading content. Too many people make the mistake of only creating one or two videos only to see what happens.

The problem is, that there could be many people who like your content but run out of it very quickly, just because you have only a couple of videos. You should start off with making at least 5 videos and then work from there.

If you don’t post videos on a regular basis, your subscriber numbers will drop and the competition will take away a portion of your audience.

Share your opinion and experience with the products or services you are promoting. Always mention that the details are in the description while reminding the viewers they can subscribe for more content(you should do so at the end of your video).

All in all, being a youtube can be a rewarding occupation, however, you still need to put a lot of effort into making it work.

If you want to learn more about how to make money with affiliate marketing we can highly recommend you to check out the latest course by John Crestani called Super Affiliate System

4. Make Money by Providing Content

The content writer is a job that requires you to write for people, asking for content on a specific topic. This means your choice of topic is limited. The upside of the job is that your income is stable and you get paid quickly.

Register as a Content Creator

The easiest way to start doing that is to register on a website that connects writers with people who look for content creators.

You can join specialized websites like, or you can check freelance websites like and

If you are on iWriter or Textbroker you don’t have to do much to start. All you need to do is register and fill out your personal details, including the way you prefer to pay.

Sell Your Content

If you are good at writing, you can also try to sell your content online. There are many ways of achieving that. You can set up a kindle shop and start selling your ebooks if you prefer writing articles, you can try something like Yahoo Voices. Another way to sell your writing is through classified advertising, like posting an ad on craigslist.

The drawback of the decision to sell your writing is that you will not get paid quickly as you are not writing for a specific subscriber.  However, it can become more lucrative if you manage to become successful.


You can earn your money by writing online content. Thanks to the internet and the digital age we live in it is an accessible way of earning your income. You could start by being a content writer, you can also sell your text or become an affiliate writer. Whatever you choose, take a look at the above-mentioned sites and just go for it.

5. Making Online Money on Fiverr

Maybe it sounds hard to believe, but there are many people who start making online money using Fiverr. Earning $5 for a small task can be a good start for you. If you manage to optimize and be efficient when fulfilling those tasks, the rewards can add up.

Nowadays, it is possible to earn way more than just $5 on a task. You can offer your services for as much as $5, $50, $500 or even $1000. All you need is someone who is willing to pay for your provided value.

Fiverr is a user-friendly platform that connects freelancers with people who need to outsource their tasks. Before you start working on Fiverr, you should examine all of their fields so you can properly decide which field is the most suitable and profitable for you personally.

There are more than 120 categories to choose from, so you won’t have much of a problem finding something that fits your skill set.

  • Making Money doing Micro Jobs

Even though you will not get a fortune by doing this, it can still be a great way of making some money on the side. Micro jobs mean doing small tasks that require a short amount of time.

They can mean things like:

  • Read and Comment on an Article,
  • Watch a Youtube video and leave a comment,
  • Like and share something on your social media network,
  • Search for a certain keyword in Google and click on a pre-determined website,
  • Make an email account for someone else,
  • Rate an App,
  • Leave a product review,
  • Etc.

We like to use those site to outsource some of the tasks at hand because they are completed quickly. If you want to try yourself out at doing microtasks, you can go to or

Remember, you will not make a ton of money doing micro tasks, but you can earn some side money you can spend on your other hobbies.

6. Make Money by Opening Your Own Search Engine Marketing Agency

Opening up your own search engine marketing agency from scratch wasn’t never that easy. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton from Parallel Profits have just recently published their online training course where they explain how to do just that. This guys have been running their own agency for about 9 year in Florida making over 500k/year in revenue. Now they have put together an online training course where they teach exactly the same strategy they were using to build their own business. The course is called Parallel Profits and is launching in January 2019.

7. Make money with eCommerce and drop shipping

Drop shipping has become one of the most successful online business models in the last few years. The best thing about this model is that you don’t need any investment up front and you don’t even need your own warehouse or worry about death stock or anything similar. This model is all about having your own website – mostly with Shopify and running paid traffic to it. The rest is working on autopilot. This model was first introduced by Adrian Morrison from eCom Success Academy and is still being developed. If you want to learn more about it you can check out our Adrian Morrison eCom Success Academy review.

Conclusion – There are some SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGES when trying out the above-mentioned ways of making money.

There it is, we described you some of the best ways of making money online. However, there are some real problems you will encounter when starting out on your journey to making money online. Bloggers, for example often need years to start bringing in traffic. Even the most successful ones had most likely a long road to their success.

  • Some of the described methods need EXTRA MONEY to get you started
  • Some of the methods require PRIOR EXPERIENCE. To start making quality youtube content, for example, you need to know how to edit videos and be comfortable in front of a camera.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is many of those fields GET SATURATED QUICKLY. Fiverr was once a simple way of earning money, but nowadays there are more than 100,000 people trying to earn money on Fiverr, so competition is fierce.

If you are serious about making a living online and look for a quality guide on how to approach it to step by step, we suggest you learn the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani..

7. Make Money Organising Knowledge Business Groups

Organising masterminds or so called knowledge business groups is becoming a real business these days. There are more and more people interested in learning from other people and share their business ideas with others. Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins know that for many years organising lots of masterminds events for different people. Now they have collected all of their knowledge inside their online training course called Knowledge Business Blueprint. You can read the full review of our course in our Knowledge Business Blueprint review and insights.


  • It only requires 3-5 hours weekly
  • All you need is a domain (it costs a couple of $ on any domain selling sites)
  • You don’t need ANY prior experience

There is a limited amount of people we can accept in the program so the tricks and tips we present don’t get used on a wide scale as they would become saturated. They are currently accepting new students, so we highly recommend you checking their website, if you wish to truly learn how to make money from home.

All in all, we hope you enjoyed our quick guide on making money online. We truly hope you will achieve your financial freedom from the comfort of your home.


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