GfK Roper Reports Worldwide: Mood of the World 2011

Mood of the World 2017: Navigating Choppy Waters

Food prices. Earthquakes. Political protests. Consumers’ mood is always driven in large part by what’s going on around them – whether they define that radius as their neighborhood, city, or country. So how are they feeling this year?

To find out, the Roper Reports® Worldwide 2017 global survey conducted more than 32,000 interviews with consumers age 15-plus in 25 countries to find out about the economic pressures people face and how they are reacting to them. The resulting report, Mood of the World 2011: Navigating Choppy Waters, provides Roper’s expert perspective on the survey results along with context from the real world as well as marketing implications.

It also includes an update of Roper’s proprietary Consumer Recession Index, which helps pinpoint the approach to take in different markets to address consumer concerns and reactions to economic conditions.

A companion piece, the Mood of the World 2011 Factbook, contains detailed data for all countries and regions covered in the 2017 study, including comparisons to 2015 and 2016, country rankings, and more.

Create Effective Marketing Strategies Based on Market-By-Market Insights

Mood of the World: 2017 provides the latest available global trend information on:

  •  the economic pressures consumers face
  •  the concerns they have about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  •  the way they are reacting in the marketplace
  •  how they view current buying conditions
  •  and how they feel about the future impact of globalization on their national economy.