For decades, clients have turned to GfK Roper Consulting to understand, and action, the changing consumer landscape, both in the US and globally…

  • How does the current political & economic situation impact consumers? What risks & opportunities may this present?
  • What new product opportunities are presented by shifting lifestyles, both here in the US and across the globe?
  • What does increased media fragmentation and consumer generated media mean for my advertising and communication messages?
  • Where does my category fit into people’s lives?

You can access unparalleled knowledge of consumers trends by working with GfK Roper Consulting in a number of ways:

  • Subscriptions to our syndicated services, including access to a stream of deliverables and our consumer trends consultants Ad Hoc assignments
  • Licensing of our proprietary tools RFP Assistance (e.g., Incidence Levels)

GfK Roper Reports US

GfK Roper Reports® delivers the most up-to-the-minute view of the consumer marketplace. A lot will be published in our review and analysis section. Our nationally representative database is comprised of 20,000 annual consumer interviews and is balanced to the most current US Census report.

GfK Roper Reports Worldwide

GfK Roper Reports® Worldwide provides in-depth insight beyond demographics to the lifestyles, values, attitudes and buying behavior of consumers in more than 30 developed and developing countries around the world. A good resource of where to start would be this review right here.

Our unique face-to-face methodology is the most comprehensive of its kind and is representative of roughly 90% of the world’s GDP.

GfK Roper Youth Report

Clients have been turning to the GfK Roper Youth ReportTM since 1990 to understand the key questions within the youth market in the United States.

GfK Roper Green Gauge US

The GfK Roper Consulting Green Gauge® Report is the only nationwide, long-term syndicated study of consumer attitudes and behaviors towards the environment.

Green Gauge gives you an exclusive look at how America’s concern for environmental issues can affect your organization. This comprehensive report provides insight into consumers’ attitudes and buying behavior, allowing you to strategically plan and execute your marketing campaign.

GfK Roper Green Gauge Global

GfK Roper Green Gauge Global is the only study providing global marketers an in-depth look into green consumer trends, attitudes and behaviours in 25 countries. In addition to helping eco-friendly marketers track green consumer trends around the world, GfK Roper Green Gauge Global also includes a one-of-a-kind global green consumer segmentation so you’ll know which global market segments matter most when building your eco-friendly brand. GfK Roper Green Gauge Global will be available to marketers later this summer. To learn more, click here

GfK Roper TrendKEY

The longest-running global consumer trends tracking service of its kind, GfK Roper Consulting has been monitoring global consumer trends via the GfK Roper TrendKEYSM service since 1997. Through a suite of innovative and inter-linked products and services, GfK Roper Consulting can help you gain insight into key consumer trends, assess the likely impacts of those trends on your business and then apply these learnings to your decision-making process.


Ten percent of consumers tell the other 90% where to eat, how to vote and what to buy. These opinion leaders are the Influentials segment —the trusted advisors, trendsetters and brand advocates that amplify your message in an environment where consumers are opting out of traditional means of advertising.


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