featured image for 7 figure cycle review by Aidan Booth and Steve ClaytonIn January 2018, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, two online entrepreneurs who have years of experience in building out businesses, are releasing a online course.  We will write and extensive 7 figure cycle review once we get more information. The way their system works is by leveraging a profit cycle at a 50%+ profit every 2 weeks and replicate that up to 26 times per year.

The great thing about this strategy is the fact that there is no need for a:

  • AD spend
  • a website
  • no product development or stock
  • no branding

While the exact strategy behind the system is still not publicly available, it will probably be a combination of what they learned over the years.

4 strategies to build 7 figure businesses

Here is what Aidan and Steve have expertise in:

Amazon FBA – they have both sold multiple millions worth of products with using Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon). They both private label generic everyday products and sell them on Amazon. The trick is to market and optimize your listings for organic traffic on their sales platform. Just like Google, they have a search engine, which runs on a algorithm, that can be manipulated. Once you rank your products for certain money keywords, the income is more or less passive. All that is left is to make sure you are in stock.

Affiliate Marketing – another part of their business is based on affiliate (referral) marketing. This is where a commission is paid out, whenever someone buys a product coming from your affiliate link. Everything is tracked with cookies and you only get paid when a sale occurs. This is a great way to generate more or less passive income by writing occasional emails and running ads. The bad thing is that you don’t get the customers information such as email, but on the contrary you minimize the responsibility (customer support, delivering the products, keeping stock… etc. )

Dropshipping – the last information product they put out was the 100k factory course. The way that was based was solely on the dropshipping model, where you don’t keep any stock and sell products via an eCommerce store, usually running on Shopify. To put it simply: a customer buys a product from your website and only after you get paid, you go out and order that product for a lower price at your supplier and let them ship it out to your customer. This is a great business model not very hard to learn and extremely lucrative.

Information products (digital courses) – this is something they have been doing lately. Their course on dropshipping (100k factory) was a big success, with many students reaching their desired income levels and quitting their day jobs. The way this model works is by teaching other people and helping them achieve success with an online course. As Aidan and Steve are experts of dropshipping, they decided to put all of their knowledge in a online course and help people achieve the same success. These courses are usually delivered through membership sites.

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 7 Figure Cycle Review

Like I’ve said before, we are still not sure on what exactly they will be teaching in the course, but make sure you check back once we get the members area preview and read our in depth  7 Figure Cycle Review and Bonus by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. This is surely one of the best opportunities, if you want to learn about how to build an online business so make sure you note it on your calendars, because you don’t want to miss out on the knowledge and value they will be sharing! Until next time…